Agile or Top-Down Management – Best IT CloudShoring practices for Education Institutes

The current pandemic has pushed schools, colleges, and other institutions to go beyond conventional education. This means providing alternate platforms for teachers and students to exchange knowledge and a secure database management system. Coping with the changing demands of the external environment often gets taxing for education institutions. That is when they will need a robust mechanism to impact education to students.

One way the modern education system has responded to a pandemic is through video conferencing – online classes. This provides ample scope to students and teachers to get the syllabus going without any hiccups. The real problem starts when it comes to checking notes online, submitting assignments, conducting examinations, etc. That’s when you will need the IT solution for education, which involves following the best IT closure practices.

Why Should Institutions Consider CloudShoring?

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Institutions want to preserve competitive advantages over their peers, and one way is to reduce costs. There has been much public scrutiny of university education’s rising cost and flourishing student debt in recent years.

There cannot be a better time for such institutions to achieve this. The combination of reduced financing, increased demand for better services, and a desire to improve investment returns have led some institutions to opt for CloudShoring services.

Now, there are two ways of how education institutes can leverage CloudShoring.

  1. Agile Management: Providing quick turnaround to the education needs depending on the curriculum. For instance, conducting tests online will need you to run a temporary program and beef your capacity. Such spikes in the system will require you to choose agile management for education institutions.
  2. Top-Down Management: Effective for those who need greater control, albeit with a slower turnaround. This means the decision remains in the hands of those sitting in the top hierarchy, including fees collection, scholarships, structural changes in the system, etc. Online education will not benefit much from this sort of management.

The education institutes will now emphasize the functional area and review all of its strengths and limitations. This allows management to make an informed choice on whether to choose the agile management system or top-down management system.

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Subsequently, if institutional leaders choose CloudShore, the primary collection of problems and concerns must be addressed, as mentioned under “decision factors.”

  • Human Resources: The way how CloudShoring will affect the human resources within the institute.
  • Financial: The direct and indirect cost associated with choosing a CloudShoring expert company in Florida.
  • Service Quality: Allocating alternative campus needs.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: The risk level and potential liability for each option, all tax ramifications, all conflicts of interest.
  • Management Control and Efficiency: The probable impact of each choice on the capacity of the organization to monitor the functional direction and priorities

The best IT CloudShoring practices that can help education institutions

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Leveraging Operational Efficiencies: The workers of the educational organization, such as planning high-quality courses, must meet mission-critical goals. When you chose an IT solution for the education industry with expandFORCE, you can achieve predefined pedagogy targets better within the predefined time. Our qualified professionals offer IT CloudShoring services to schools and colleges, providing the best possible outcomes within the necessary timeframe.

Scalable Processes: Our CloudShoring expert company in Florida can accommodate agility, especially when you experience peak activity – like when you register for a new class, plan the annual festival, and others. When you demand such services, we are just a call away. Best, you can plan the anticipated projects in the future and pivot our resources to drive efficiency. Rely on expandFORCE to avail of 24×7 services and ensure your teaching staff and students are always updated.

Collaboration and customization: Each of our offerings is customized to your unique requirements until you understand the business challenges in depth. These requirements are taken into account in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), developed in collaboration with your team. We help you at each point of your contacts, be it students, teachers, admins, or accountants. Get the best outcomes compatible with the curriculum you design and involve students and teachers to collaborate online better.


Better Student Satisfaction: Professionalism goes a long way when you are in the education industry. The better you simplify teachers’ and students’ lives, the higher your value will be. Choosing the agile management system would mean opting for a robust education mechanism for your education programs. You will achieve this by CloudShoring the necessary education processes, especially to expandFORCE, where our team can resolve issues that add value to users. Any friction between the CloudShoring partners and students is a severe dent in your brand image. That’s why you will need experts in IT cloudshoring for education, which follows best practices to ensure industry consistency.

Data security with quality results: Choosing expandFORCE would mean strict data protection procedures that understand the critical data exchanged over time. All the student details coupled with payment of fees, assignment grades, etc., will require data protection. And that’s where we at expandFORCE bring our skills and experience of dealing with top corporations to the table. We are a trusted name as a CloudShoring expert company in Florida, having a quality management process. These processes help us drive desired results for your institution, allowing teachers and students to enjoy the process of education over a new platform.

The coming time would tell how the education industry would shape up. For now, it looks certain that online education is the key to offering safe yet effective knowledge without compromising on quality. Choosing the right management system does make much difference, especially how you plan to address multiple pedagogy without creating a teacher shortage. Agile management systems are great for institutes where teachers are tech-friendly and can make quick decisions to deliver instructions better.

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