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Warning Signs: Why CTOs Need to Challenge their Software Sourcing Strategy Continuously

The emphasis nowadays is on the technology and innovations that change the competitive environment and challenge business models, ranging from smartphone-first consumer shopping habits to Artificial Intelligenc...

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New York SHIELD Act Raises Bar for Data Privacy and Security

A little shy of a year since the State of New York signed the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act. This act emphasizes on the companies to ensure safeguarding the New York residents&#82...

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How to Improve Your Business Cybersecurity during the Remote Working Scale-up

The social distancing requirements is driving many businesses to encourage remote work. Recently, a CNBC panel survey revealed that over half their staff now operate remotely, accounting for 85 percent. However...

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Cybersecurity: Is Outsourcing the only solution to tackle skills shortage?

Data breaches are not a new thing in the Internet world. With growing users and their data, more and more cyber thieves are out there on the web and stealing crucial information. For example, Marriot Internatio...