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How to reduce IT costs and grow productivity with managed IT services

When running any business form, capital and cyclical expenditures are to be expected. This includes customer relationship management, product marketing, accounting, and much more. However, one of the company&#8...

28 Oct 2020
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Reducing the need for Service Desk Support using Proactive Interventions, Automation, and Self-Service

A critical customer point of contact that is often overlooked by businesses is the service desk. It plays a pivotal role in driving brand loyalty and customer retention in any organizational framework. The help...

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360-Degree Support & 24X7 availability! That’s why we call ourselves the best CloudShore Company

The new normal is here to stay. This means most team members would work remotely, virtual ones, and much more replace the physical meetings. These changes demand businesses to stay agile without losing the sigh...

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Learning and Development Teams Are Starting to Reskill the Workforce

Even before the present crisis, new ways and technologies to work have disrupted jobs, and employees’ skills have to do so. The McKinsey reported in 2017 suggests that 14% of the world’s working pop...

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Execute Your Projects Faster and Better With the Most Talented Engineers in the Industry

It’s difficult to recruit professional engineers in the IT industry. Demand for engineers is always secure. Unemployed engineers are few and far between. These two facts make it incredibly challenging to ...

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Increased Collaboration for Offshore Teams

Some businesses are currently working with or thinking about hiring the offshore team that they inevitably work through or try to understand the daily work pace. It is a widespread problem that can escalate to ...

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The Next Big Solution for Start-Ups- Offshore Staff Augmentation!

When is Staff Augmentation required? IT Staff Augmentation services are mainly required when you want to hire talented resources from professional channels so that your work can be swiftly carried out. I...

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5 Smart Ways to Address Remote Team Challenges

Remote work is getting momentum across the globe as most of the small businesses looking to leverage skills, experience, and expertise in a cost-efficient manner. With benefits aplenty, these businesses often l...

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What do we know about IT outsourcing today ?

IT outsourcing is one of the significant needs of business process outsourcing wherein a business hires another competent vendor know as IT outsourcing vendor – international or domestic. There are a plethora o...