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Who wouldn’t like to improve company processes, minimize inefficiency, and enhance risk control while saving money? This is why IT support services make much more sense today, where technology blends with IT expertise. Businesses need to keep up with cutting-edge technology while providing necessary results, often leading to friction due to priority issues. Hiring an IT Cloudshoring expert makes much sense to avoid an otherwise cumbersome and time-consuming technology process to someone who holds a better experience and knowledge.

The current pandemic-driven situation in the world has led to entrepreneurs reaching for external IT support, which proves to be an insightful way of avoiding additional personnel costs. expandFORCE is serving hundreds of clients every year with state-of-the-art staff augmentation services to businesses that help SMEs and corporates efficiently utilize their resources.

Although some companies will benefit from using in-house IT infrastructure, most company owners would find it much more useful to cloud shore their IT to the best IT Cloudshoring expert. IT Cloudshoring includes hardware, software, database management, enabling cloud service providers, inventory management, website management, etc. Partnering with expandFORCE will ensure you the cutting-edge you need to outgrow the market competition and move beyond being just a conventional business.

Predictable Cost Efficiencies

After having partnered with a managed service provider (MSP), businesses will cut IT costs and achieve budget predictability. Companies can re-focus resources on technological innovations and improving project ROI by reducing operating costs and conserving the00 budget.

At expandFORCE, we offer our clients a unique subscription model that accounts for weekly or annual services. This model allows consumers to schedule their budgets in advance and eliminates the possibility of random payments or inflated invoices being obtained. The way you can leverage expandFORCE better is by accessing our 24/7 support services, which matches no other and thereby keeping your business a step ahead of the rest.

Augmented Productivity with Focused Priorities


Some organizations that expand prefer to spread agile staff across many disciplines and add layers to their already full spectrum of responsibilities. What may seem to be a secure, rapid fix for a thriving organization, which spreads thinly between team members and is not well versed across areas, may adversely affect the infrastructure. This is why there is a shortage of cybersecurity, data security, and other professionals who can let key members pivot resources towards achieving key business goals.

Consider Cloudshoring to a trustworthy managed IT service provider like expandFORCE regarding the ever-growing IT tasks. It will save the team some time, money, and trouble in the short and long term. Let the IT support services take over the technical functions to keep employees highly productive in reaching the goals that generate sales and improve productivity, performance, and flexibility.

Time Management

With your IT in-house, you need to spend more time on technology and updates while plummeting the time invested in running a company. Making decisions about the software you should continuously upgrade, what hardware the software is best for, how much to save your data, whether you should have redundant backups, and the hundreds of smaller problems the occur could easily be hundreds of hours a month. If all these tasks don’t add value to your day-to-day business, then there is no point in brewing a team in-house.

The solution is to have expandFORCE experts take over your IT tasks so that your skilled talent can spend time finding client solutions in a meaningful way. We stand as a trustworthy IT company with over a decade of experience and making sure that your IT jobs are taken care of. Using IT Cloudshoring, you spare time to better handle your company and let the IT Cloudshoring provider handle your IT needs.

Better Talent

It’s a truth that these days, it is getting difficult to find reliable 24/7 IT support services. To reach out to the company’s most qualified IT experts, you would need to endure the tedious phase of advertising, interview applicants, review references, train, and then track the workers for how successful their curriculum vitae is. You will need to optimize your output to beat the competition, and undergoing such a process would mean investing way too much time in finding the talent.

Rely on expandFORCE as we are an experienced IT Cloudshoring company that offers you a better talent pool to stay on top of the game. All our IT workers are certified experts and have the highest talent level that costs you far less than hiring and maintaining a full-time talent.

As a business grows, the demand for infrastructure is bound to change. Allowing a managed service provider to bear responsibility will reduce and control costs, increase performance and productivity, and provide scalability.

To manage the latest technologies and enable an organization with the best applications, equipment, and security specifications, it makes sense to have an IT Cloudshoring expert to your rescue. You will save time, money, and energy to expand your business, provide better service and products, and keep your information safe and protected by leveraging the expandFORCE services.


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