How ExpandFORCE Ensured Global Business Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Up came the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic just around the end of the first quarter, and businesses were clueless about the response. Most of them were rendered clueless. Their offshore service providers were not able to adapt to the circumstances as expected quickly. Those Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planes were only theoretical, untested, and evaluated under simulated or “ideal” conditions until recently.

But team expandFORCE made a difference. We have come a long way to be the trusted IT service provider in the industry. Our global business operations were giving the results even when businesses across the world were under lockdown. This is because our adaptability to remote working conditions proved successful, allowing top resources to deliver results when mattered the most.


Though, we agree that most services provided during the pandemic-driven lockdown were limited with the absence of adequate preparation and preparedness. Especially with the forced lockdown in some of the countries we work.

Being a cloud solution provider, we were able to address the issues around the following pain areas

  • Lack of enough workforce required to perform necessary business activities
  • We are enabling remote work processes for most of the core tasks.
  • We are providing the necessary technology infrastructure to drive distributed working.

expandFORCE Enabled a Successful Business Continuity Management

A variety of incidents, including the current pandemic of Coronavirus, may cause significant business disruption. Such disturbances can lead to temporary or permanent loss of critical services, including essential documents, IT infrastructure, and necessary employees to ensure seamless business operations.

We were firm at driving profitability for your clients, and that is what pushed us to create location-specific strategies for recovery based response. Our teams located at three different places across the globe and always agile, helping us to get going. Such a contingency plan meant little to no interruptions during a business cycle around the pandemic time.

Equipped with Best Continuity Tools 

We do the market impact analysis to help the business recognize locations and market processes to boost productivity. So, even when the technology is not in use, the company’s survival is not jeopardized because our dedicated resources can cater to requirements.

While the size and complexity of key business components are different between businesses, the ability to measure and prioritize essential business activities is a critical element of business continuity. We pivot our teams to perform such vital activities as our IT support team dealt with the global crises at ease with the right tools in place.

Our aim as a top-notch IT solution and service provider is to ensure adopting best practices around core offerings. This is why we analyze the business effect wherein each department of your company will know about Coronavirus’s clear impact or any other unforeseen occurrence and how it may affect your business operations.

For this, our IT team does the following:

  • Identifying the moment and period that may cause interruption coupled with impact evaluation of critical processes helps establish expectations for recovery time.
  • Estimate the maximum possible downtime for each business function.
  • Remote working bandwidth and feasibility testing.
  • Defining and enforcing risk reduction strategies to develop operational approaches that can safely carry out critical operations.
  • Building a business continuity strategy with personnel preparation and drills as required.

Measuring Infrastructure Risks

We first checked the readiness of all aspects of clients’ IT infrastructure to support the higher load of remote working employees.

For this, we did the following tests in an agile manner;

  • We are ensuring the bandwidth available with the ability to stay connected to the head office resources.
  • I am placing the VPN for network security.
  • Provided Software licenses for quick, remote access.
  • Made the systems available for remote workers.
  • We are placing attendance management online.
  • I am using Microsoft Teams’ current infrastructure for everyday communication.

Calculated Data Risks

Data security is always critical whether users are residing in the office space or remotely.

To ensure our clients’ data remain safe, we performed the following operations;

  • Implemented our documented data protection policies to be used for contingency.
  • Role-based data access implemented at a user and group level
  • We are providing essential users control over data access.
  • We are ensuring integrated data-loss prevention capabilities.
  • Made a quick provision for the auto data sync that ensures updated data on the cloud in case of inaccessibility to hardware devices.

Evaluating Cybersecurity Risks

The pandemic has seen the rise of cyber threats as more and more organizations are providing work home facilities to its employees. This means they are exposed to vulnerabilities within their private network (provided by public ISPs).

To eliminate this, the team expandFORCE runs the cybersecurity tasks as follows;

  • Timely applying security patches while also monitoring the events on a shared network.
  • We are ensuring tight security controls over all publicly published applications.
  • Enabling remote surveillance for quick monitoring and issue identification.
  • Giving access to quality antivirus and providing its signature updates
  • I am creating resourceful OS profiling for all the operating systems before connecting to the corporate networks for higher access.

In conclusion, even though COVID-19 has had a significant effect on business continuity, our IT support team made way for prompt and effective measures. And, it is because of the rise in Coronavirus, businesses are considering implementing such approaches in the future that reduce the effects of its second wave if at all, it strikes back.

If your business is keen on taking the right step on time, we recommend a cloud solution provider who can effectively deal with contingencies. Now is the time to mitigate potential future effects of COVID-19 by hiring expandFORCE and leveraging its successful experience of dealing with the pandemic.

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