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Being in IT demands much expertise to the extent of taking responsibility for running operations smoothly. When we talk of business, we mean how you function within and outside your ecosystem and adhering to the values you believe in. This needs you to stay consistent with time and not compromise on the quality of services you provide. Doing business also means converting more clients to success, and this requires you to have an ephemeral team.

This is where team expandFORCE will make a difference—providing you the necessary bandwidth to support a temporary burst in the requirements. We understand what business means to you and therefore help you with IT services for business. Opting for CloudShore services with expandFORCE is the same as having your team that does the job you need albeit, by staying offshore. This is possible when you opt for white labeling the resources using our CloudShore services.

What is CloudShore White Labelling?

Consider you have a business of providing IT services like web development, cloud computing, IT consultancy, etc. Now, what if you get a project that needs a faster turnaround, or else you miss out on the opportunity to make an impact as a business? Wh

at if you need to respond faster to the offer so that your client can gauge your capacity? In such cases, it becomes impossible to hire the required talent in a short time. Finding the right resources will also need you to undergo the hiring process right from job publishing to scrutinizing resumes and even conducting interviews. Instead of dragging yourself into such a lengthy process with a less productive outcome, you can choose CloudShore White Labelling to do the job indirectly and yet never seen in the picture.

The way expandFORCE works in White Labelling is unique to any third-party output proposal you’d see. Simply because we do not leave our branding elements in the work we do, you can choose the Cloudshore solution with White Labelling that works and provide your precisely what your clients look for but with your name and branding, not ours.

Making a difference in your business


Your core business functions may sometimes overwhelm the staff and lead them to burnout. Such changes may lead to dissatisfied talent, and that can hamper the output in the longer run. In such cases, you can trust the IT pros at expandFORCE to take over and not let your business affect. You can share profit when charging your client as we are a full-stack IT Company headquartered in the USA and functional offices in the Philippines and India. This makes it easier for us to attract quality talent with high cost-effectiveness, enabling us to provide resources that fit your bill.

CloudShore Services


There are from the range of services we provide under the CloudShore offerings. The critical ingredients for successful CloudShore are cost efficiency and quality resources. White labeling with CloudShore would mean availing the following services at your comfort without compromising the quality of output you offer to your clients.

– Offsite Solutions: Your hunt for quality CloudShoring solutions ends at expandFORCE. Partly because of the experience we offer, and that blends with the expertise with low costing. Rely on our resources to get your client’s IT work done without indulging in a long-term commitment.

24/7 Expert Support: There are instances where your client project would demand experts’ instant attention. Such cases are thick and through, but those are critical moments in the business. Trust the IT pros, and you are sure not to get into the issues as we have 24/7 IT support services.

– IT Consultation: Never get stuck with the IT planning when you CloudShore your IT job to the expandFORCE experts. The IT consultation services require one to stay on their toes, and with every change in the clients’ requirements, you have to adjust the resources. Whitelabel IT consultation is a critical business function often overlooked because it seems doable but still time-consuming. Instead of recruiting a dedicated consulting team for the project, start with while label CloudShore consultation. This comes in handy when your clients need quick turnaround and agility.

– Certified IT Experts: Some IT projects would require you to have a certified team of IT experts. Such projects will require your business to furnish the team with the necessary talents without compromising the quality. In that case, we have our team of Microsoft and Cisco certified experts at expandFORCE to provide you with skilled expertise. CloudShore solutions for IT experts are also available for white labeling, where you can bank on our expertise for a successful project turnaround.

– Dedicate Team: You can leverage the experts’ assistance, coupled with a dedicated IT team’s power for efficient project management. You will have full control over the dedicated team and coordinate wherever required at your native clock hours. White labeling a dedicated team with CloudShore goes a long way to offer your clients the necessary skillset and team to complete the project.

Get in touch with our CloudShore executive and discuss your project requirements. We assure you no compromise and utmost secrecy in dealing with your clients directly by signing an NDA.

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