Improve your Team’s Operational Efficiency by 20% while Reducing Costs; CloudShore your Software Development to us!

This is not just headcount or sales that can separate successful businesses from unsuccessful ones in 2020. With the ongoing pandemic globally, teams are looking for intelligent resource distribution, increased software testing rates, a culture of psychological protection, and countless other factors are the real measures of improved operational performance. It that performance can now make or break your business.

Now the available resources for small and medium businesses are scanty, and they need to make the most out of it. This is when you need the power to CloudShore software development tasks to experts that have a marginal impact on 20% of your productivity. Let us understand how you can do that right.

What is offshore software development?

Simply put, it is the outsourcing of your software development tasks. The term ‘offshore’ indicates getting it done remotely from other countries where resources come at low cost. Many businesses are in a dilemma when choosing the offshore software development team as they worry about the ROI. Remember, hiring an experienced team with a diligent approach can help you with achieving greater efficiency.

The development of offshore applications outsources activities to a third-party software provider or developer(s). This can include web development, web applications, app development, software development, etc., when you choose offshore software development, and you are opting for resources from multiple countries to work remotely as per your convenient time. 

What Is The Future Of Offshore Software Development Services?

The current pandemic has forced people to stay and work from home. On the other hand, businesses are hard hit and looking for ways to boost efficiency. That’s when you need the software to connect people, simplify your tasks, and blend modern technology for day-to-day activities. Now, hiring software developers on a full-time basis for a short-term requirement is a futile HR exercise. Instead, businesses are currently moving towards offshore software development that is here to stay for long. Most companies are going online and will need the software to get things done. In such cases, offshore software development services can promote efficiency with cost savings, making it a critical success factor in the coming time.

How Does Offshore Software Development Model Work?

There are two ways you can function in the offshore software development model. One is to hire a certified team of software developers who are collective freelancers and assign tasks. Here, managing and blending their inputs get tough. Therefore, it is recommended to hire offshore software development experts like expandFORCE, who have a team and resources. You don’t need to hire locally or dedicate your time to manage these resources. Instead, the offshore model connects your onsite team to the offsite team for dependent tasks and ensures a seamless transition of work with a faster turnaround.

Office Team

Essential Points to Consider while setting up your offshore software development team

Being Transparent: Businesses often take their offshore team for granted and often do not feel the need to share the organization’s vision, priorities, objectives, and particular projects. So when the offshore team has the plan and its goals on board, the team will communicate with the resources and work wholeheartedly to ensure its progress.

Creating a cohesive culture: Running a successful company will need businesses to create a culture of belongingness between offshore and internal teams. Athletic participation among groups in various time zones helps them feel part of the organization. The inspiration that they all work for the same purpose has a positive impact on their performance.

Acknowledge remote team’s expertise: Clients should avoid being blunt with the offshore team instead of acknowledging their skills and expertise. Start with understanding the experience and abilities of the remote unit to keep them motivated. It is also a great idea to ask the offshore participants for their insights into the project and use their experience and evaluation to enhance their processes and services.

 Why Companies Set Up Offshore Software Development?

Reduced Development Costs: The most apparent benefit of working with offshore teams is the potential to slash the production budget without losing its quality. Also, productivity is higher with people from different countries as they are paid a higher amount, which is a part of the standard of living in the home country. You can also receive a selection (mostly consulting) of free complimentary services that companies and other organizations typically offer on a paid basis.

Team Leader

Expert Collaboration: Another big reason to cooperate with offshore development companies is finding specialists with the top competencies. In turn, choosing an offshore solution with Cloudshore ensures solving your ongoing software management issue.

No Training Required: With an offshore software development team, you don’t need to improve your developers’ qualifications. Training always requires additional time and financial resources, and this is sometimes not an option because of the cutthroat competition and today’s requirements to the terms of launching projects. If you turn to offshore developers, you can start working on a new product without reorienting your staff from their daily tasks.

 Offshore Software Development Services

expandFORCE offers specialized software development services that keep a dedicated team in place for each project. With us, you are getting the following: 

  • IT Staff Augmentation: Let’s you hire a full-time, specialized software development team without onsite hiring.
  • BI Solutions: Make data-backed decisions with our smart data usage with comprehensive BI solutions.
  • UX Design: Offering custom UX design for your software requirements that drivers meaningful engagement
  • Deployment & Maintenance: Keep your software development in check with offshore deployment and maintenance services by expandFORCE.

Start your offshore journey with a team of experts at expandFORCE. Talk to our team to help you drive efficiency by putting the right people behind the job.

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