How to Secure Work in the Paused World?

The moment WHO declared the new strain of SARS CoV2 virus strain as a COVID-19 pandemic, the world came to a standstill. And there is no time machine now to think of all the things we did before now. The massive lockdown was imposed worldwide, with many people losing their lives fighting the virus battle. But unfortunately, the losses were not limited to the loss of lives that succumbed to the virus and the businesses and employees. Many organizations took a tough call to release some staff while most other employees suffered a pay cut. On the other hand, some companies went bankrupt and were shut.


Those fighting the business’s battle and trying to overcome adversaries will need comprehensive IT services and solutions to survive the storm. That being said, most of the work will now happen online, meaning hackers will pry on unchecked devices and networks to steal crucial data. Interpol recently warned people about an alarming increase in Cybercrime amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With businesses adhering to the social distancing norms and employees’ health becoming the priority, work from home is a great option.

The problem with that is with the security networks, which are out of bounds for the businesses to control. That’s when the experts at expandFORCE step in to optimize the cost of security solutions. Here’s how we do it:

Accessing Business Needs

All businesses are affected differently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore, the needs are unique. We have a team of IT professionals who can create customized business solutions that ensure network devices and data security. For the staff equipped with the company, the laptop will need a secured firewall and also a comprehensive VPN solution when they connect locally. Similarly, businesses within the office space may have a dedicated cybersecurity consultant who can watch over and report the suspects without involving a high cost. The solution to both lies in hiring expandFORCE services and get the security that your business demands. Also, partnering with us means identifying business needs by better comprehending the pandemic-based problem.

Identifying Business Bottlenecks


We know what organizations need when they start working remotely because of how they have been functioning since inception. The team expandFORCE is located across three countries; the USA, India, and the Philippines, with dedicated teams at all locations. And it is because if this remote working experience, we can identify bottlenecks in business communications. This may indicate what businesses lack in modern times to seamlessly bind the team and the right tools and resources. The team at expandFORCE does not stop at problem-identification, but they design the right solution to better help businesses deals better during the pandemic. The key is to ensure secure communications of data and people without downtime. And to ensure that we have our 24/7 customer support services to help you navigate any issue in addressing the remote work.

Cost-Effective IT Solutions

Businesses are looking to cut corners and save wherever possible, considering the times that we are in. Understanding this scenario, our team of experts makes sure that all IT solutions we offer fit your budget. Many businesses are in massive debt, and some are finding it hard to overcome the problems that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has thrown. These are dire times with halted business activities that demand us, the technology provider, to help businesses reach normalcy. One of the highly cost-effective decisions that you can make right now is to opt for CloudShore. It is the best way to hire a team offshore and get the work done at a relatively lesser cost. Directly from IT strategy and consulting to certified experts and even the DevOps engineers, we are an arsenal of technology and security that fuels your business in current times. Minimize your budget by hiring a team offshore as you save costs on tools, hiring process, maintaining staff, paying staff taxes, etc.

Explore our range of customized services that include certified cybersecurity consultants and cloud computing experts. These are the people boasting the required skill set in the post-pandemic world engineered for conducting secured business. Talk to the expandFORCE consultant to get you started with the right security solutions that help your business face the pandemic with confidence. While the world is paused, you can take strides in the direction that secures your future.

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