360-Degree Support & 24X7 availability! That’s why we call ourselves the best CloudShore Company

The new normal is here to stay. This means most team members would work remotely, virtual ones, and replace physical meetings. These changes demand businesses to stay agile without losing sight of competition. What is better now is that many technologies at businesses’ disposal get overwhelming for an entrepreneur to pick the right one. Moreover, there are perils of choosing technology that does not fit your business processes and, as a result, fails to live up to your expectations.

That’s when you need the experts’ assistance to help you navigate the suitable technologies coupled with support and availability. expandFORCE possesses an experienced team that helps businesses with technology and also provides lasting assistance. This team works remotely at the time you want them to while also reporting to your onsite managers. We provide our teams with the necessary resources to communicate and connect to you to facilitate robust collaboration.

Our method of working with an outsourcing partner is a tad different from the rest in the market. What we deliver is everything over the cloud. Meaning it is efficient, fast, and convenient for everyone involved in the project. The tools are quick and modern to enable the team with the necessary power to conclude their tasks in time. Also, it takes the physical space out of the equation where you need no servers or equipment to store data. Instead, our cloud engineers are smart enough to maneuver the system’s sophistication with ease. When you partner with expandFORCE, you are with the best IT Solution Provider in Florida who assures project success at all costs. The services include the following:

Dedicated Development Team

You don’t want to hire a dedicated software development team and pay them a full-time salary combined with government benefits during the crisis. We understand this enigma and perhaps the reason why we have an effective solution for this. CloudShore comes to your rescue by providing a 360-degree IT solution, including an offshore dedicated development team. These people are experts in their field, boast vast market experience, and have worked on significant projects. They deliver quality results on time without missing out on reporting to you or anyone onsite through useful communication tools. Leverage their expertise and still stay cost-effective with expandFORCE’s CloudShore services.

Offsite Staffing Solutions

Being one of the top IT outsourcing companies in the USA, we are committed to delivering comprehensive staffing solutions to clients globally. Our teams are strategically placed in the USA, India, and the Philippines to enable your business with 24/7 support services. Leverage, the resource-power of expandFORCE, managed offices that house talent from across the world to offer you top-notch staffing solutions. Get on board with us and expand your onsite team without onsite hiring new, and instead, CloudShore it to the experts at expandFORCE.

IT Strategy and Consulting

When we say expandFORCE provides 360-degree IT solutions, we mean helping businesses implement knowledge-based solutions from our IT experts. Blend in our cloud consulting to define, strategize, and execute business goals that keep you ahead in-game. Our range of consulting services includes keeping your team updated with the latest technology and helping you make the right IT decisions that benefit your higher goal. You can also avail dedicated IT strategists for your business who stay committed to your IT environment and help navigate powerful resources that can add value to your decision-making.

24/7 Support

There is no way your business can work in a silo, and your data is exposed to cyber threats as well. That’s when you need the support of cybersecurity experts who can help you overcome the vulnerabilities of keeping your information on the cloud. Outsourcing your support means ensuring a dedicated group of vigilantes on the lookout for any threats and quickly raise the alarm when things go haywire. Our 24/7 support services are excellent if you are looking to keep your worries at bay and focus on core business activities. Our certified security experts can also identify threats and quickly isolate core data and ensure minimum downtime. Leverage the power of IT solutions 24/7 with expandFORCE’s commitment to data security and swift escalation of issues on vulnerability detection.

There are ways to address business problems with the ongoing pandemic, and nothing can top the power that CloudShore offers. Get on-call with our CloudShore experts or write to us about your IT concerns.

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