Here’s how to choose CloudShoring with commissioning tasks to the right team.

Several articles warn about the costs associated with someone who is not fit for the job or the possible confusion created by moving people in and out of positions. We hear a lot about recruiting the wrong person. But what about recruiting the right individual? Are we all going to roll the dice and hope for the best? 

Interviewing and interviewing by fear will not get you a high-performing, success-oriented team (the fear of making a mistake). Instead, focusing your resources on enhancing your CloudShoring service requirement with recruiting pipeline and having the top talent to apply. 

 1. Go beyond the traditional job description to hire the right team.

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The wrong individual is often the product of a lack of understanding of the role’s function. If you never really agree with the right hiring concept, you will never have the right guy. Huddle together with the critical stakeholders in the recruiting process and discuss not just the job description but also any of the following: 

  • What are the must-haves for this place and the nice-to-haves? 
  • What are the personal characteristics and behaviors needed for this role that is not negotiable? 
  • What clear measurable and non-measurable outcomes will we see one year from now if this person is wildly successful? 
  • What would the right individual in the first 90 days accomplish in this role? 
  • How do you expect these outcomes to be achieved by this individual? Will the employee, for example, work with an established team, command, and control, or collaborate across the company? 

 Don’t settle for positions and duties. Strive for results and how the individual will perform his or her function.

2. Get crystal clear role clarity to hire the right person.

Learn how a work description can be written. Directly source work applicants inside the business or similar industries. 

Ask if someone in your sector is a MUST or a WANT when writing the job description. Give a bonus to find the best individual for your team. You’ll get anyone that your group recommends immediately right away, especially when opting for a hybrid cloud system. Many have witnessed businesses give thousands of dollars if a potential recruit can be referred to by an employee. Although that sounds like a lot, it is much more expensive for a recruiter. 

Try asking for the right person from your vendors and see if they know someone, reach out to specialist organizations. The perfect candidate can pop into your mind once you have become crystal-clear about the job description and have position clarity. 

Reach out and put relevant ads on your business network. And outside your network, recruit. Hiring people who are known is easy, but you or your colleagues may not know the best person for the job yet. Be patient but diligent. It’s worth it!

3. Scrutinizing the team before hiring

When the list of candidates is limited to two or three, ask them in the first 90 days to prepare a proposal for what they will do to bring to key stakeholders. Or make every candidate play a part. For example, if you’re in a sales position, let your crew play the customer and ask the applicant to give your product a complete sales pitch. If the candidate has a technical position, please provide him with an existing software problem and provide him with a solution. Get creative and have fun, but don’t miss this crucial step. 

  • Don’t be too prescriptive in this recruiting test on what you’re looking for. Offer your applicants some versatility to display their ingenuity, imagination, and ability to think independently. If you plan to recruit them, this will speak volumes of how they will do. And don’t allow them more than two or three days to get a presentation planned. On the job, often, what we have is to prepare for a meeting with a big client, our team, or the board of directors on a weekend or overnight. 
  • Contact a reliable cloud-storage service team that has proven experience. Know if the candidates can answer questions throughout the process. 
  • When inviting critical stakeholders to the applicant’s presentation, make sure they have copies of the job role, including the must-haves instead of the nice-to-haves. Have an open conversation with stakeholders to decide based on evidence and intuition right after the presentation. 
  • Make sure that any nominee understands that he or she will no longer have 45 minutes to present. Please encourage them to leave 45 minutes for questions. After the presentation, discontinue the nominee and make a recommendation by the team for 15 minutes. If you allow people to ask the candidate so many questions, your team will try to lead the candidate to offer the answers you want. Remember: you want your team to look forward to these lessons, and if they continue, or if the process becomes unpleasant, the importance collapses. Hold them for Q&A for 45 minutes and 15 minutes! 
  • Passion test is critical. It will be obvious in the interview when choosing the cloud service provider whether the individual is excited about the job or just going through the motions. You’ll see if the work excites them. You will gain insight into how they are going to approach the position. It is not relevant whether they have got the solution right or not. However, if you want to recruit correctly, their enthusiasm is very critical. 

Too often, we respond to the almost impossible work pile that needs to be completed right now in our attempts to hire the right individual. It is difficult to look past this short-term crisis and take the time, not just the short-term halt decision, to take the right decision. Know that you recruited the wrong person before, and it was far more trouble than any temporary job crunch. Don’t make twice the same error. 

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