Staff Augmentation Vs CloudShoring

In an uncertain and increasingly changing business climate, the demand for expert IT services is gradually growing. Nevertheless, the shortage of skilled developers is what the industry has to deal with and adapt to today. It is only by choosing to go external that businesses can save themselves. The other way is to have IT personnel help the company draw on new expertise required to support its initiatives while the workplace employs workers on-site.

Companies can quickly increase to meet increasing demand without charging for additional full-time workers’ expenses and liabilities with outsourcing.

There are many ways in which a committed team of experts can work with the help of outsourcing experts that is considered to be one of the most popular ways to enable expansion. Yet which one do you choose?

One can choose to outsource the task to a third-party contractor creating a team as per your project requirements for a specified period. This can be for software development, web development, or even cloud computing. Here, there’s a contract between the customer and the supplier that provides the external team with a list of goals and timeline, it also provides the external team with specified goals and instructions to achieve specified goals.

Staff Augmentation: Staff augmentation enables your business with great flexibility when it comes to increasing or scaling down the teams. You need not worry about recruiting, training, and then dealing with the costs associated with full-term employees as the IT outsourcing services will include the same. The benefits of staff augmentation are as follows:


Management of Personnel: Staff augmentation is ideal for businesses that require more significant control over resources.

Integration with internal processes: Companies may find integration through staff augmentation resources into existing business processes more effective than aligning these processes with external project teams. After all, an individual can adapt quickly to an organization’s processes than two different organizations.
Leverages existing resources: you can leverage a great mix of external and internal resources to address your IT needs by adding new capabilities to its teams.

Technical expertise: If your team experiences the shortage of specialized abilities, the staff augmentation will fill these gaps effectively.

Quickly changing personnel needs: Businesses with continuously evolving staffing requirements will meet these demands through staff augmentation service. Usually, adding or subtracting resources to meet demand is relatively easy through this model.

Rising skill acquisition costs: Eliminate investment costs in the production of internal skills.

CloudShoring: expandForce has a proven track record as an IT cloudshoring expert, providing you with ideal resources to offload your project. A team of IT experts is trained to effectively handle your requirements using an agile approach to deliver the product in due course. This partnership gives the consumer more options and less effort to finish the project. Check out the key benefits of cloudshoring

Plummeting training costs: The outsourcer is responsible for training and skills development.

Ensuring good practices: Leverage the best practices and highest industry standards with Cloudshoring services. Outsourcers are responsible for engaging in best practices, implementation, maintenance, and development.

Scalability: Cloudshoring offers the utmost flexibility in terms of resources by allowing you to add or remove as per the requirement to best suit the project requirement.

Significant savings: Substantial flexibility is available in large contracts signed with outsourcers. For project work in their core competencies, outsourcers often profit from their internal economies of scale.

Impact-based: The outsourcer is responsible for producing results, and businesses can realize the impact. Outsourcers share in the IT project’s expense and rewards based on the performance.

Key Differences: Staff Augmentation vs. CloudShoring

Working and organizational culture
Both models differ significantly in terms of organizational culture and working terms. The developers sit in the same office in case of Cloudshoring, allowing them to finish the project seamlessly as the exchange of knowledge is frequent, and there’s a greater sense of cohesion. The staff augmentation model may lack such a working environment.

At the same time, staff augmentation drives efficiency since engineers are responsible for providing output in a stipulated time frame.

Project management
Staff augmentation provides you with an opportunity to lead the project management, and you have greater control throughout the action taken by employees. This means your company’s project manager is responsible for leading and guiding the project, unlike IT outsourcing, where the project manager is also hired. In the case of Cloudshoring, the project manager reports to you and keep you posted with updates on the project.

Staff augmentation may deprive you of full expertise as the final authority lies in your hand, whereas opting for IT outsourcing service would mean hiring experts for all positions and leveraging their skills adequately.

Costs and responsibilities

Do note that both models will have service provider recruiting key staff though keeping you in a loop. There is a benefit of outsourcing costs as you will have a team offshore similar to what expandForce offers under CloudShore. When you choose to hire IT outsourcing services through a CloudShore model, you will spare yourself from spending on software licenses, utilities, cost of office space, training, etc.
On the other hand, choosing for staff augmentation will mean instant access to resources and keeping yourself in direct touch with employees. It also means making them a part of your team for the project period as they fit themselves culturally.

While most businesses are confused between the two, the greater emphasis should be on cost and control. Also, it is wise to consider the scope and time of the project to gauge the expert requirements. Businesses can also opt for the hybrid model wherein they hire sure staff as a part of staff augmentation services while choosing the cloudshoring services for what requires them to be cost-effective.

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