The Top 10 Tricks or Hacks to Hire the Top 3% of IT Talent

While the pandemic goes on, some businesses are looking forward to hiring new talent, but finding a decently qualified candidate is difficult. The key is to find the one that fits your bill without compromising the job’s necessary aspects. This means you should be aiming for the top 3% of the IT talent tailored for the position you are looking for. If you find it challenging to do that, take a look at these top 10 hacks to hire top IT talent in 2020.

1. Comprehending the tech position thoroughly
Most of the internal HR hiring team finds it difficult to understand the available tech positions. Things can go wrong here as they struggle to keep a close watch on the necessary skills required. Part of it is also because of the lack of technical experience frequently, as this also stretches the hiring time.

2. Open Internal Hiring
Providing current employees with career and growth incentives can boost their productivity. It also makes the staff feel appreciated for their talents, skills, and achievements. Offering an interview with an internal candidate for a vacant position would allow HR to know them better. You can later train them and make a top talent in the industry through timely promotion and better managing their year-on-year growth.

3. Identifying the talent requirements
Once you are done outlining the perfect candidate for technical talent, it’s time to dive deeper and know the requirements and abilities you demand from a skill. You need to identify critical aspects that motivate talent and inspire them to join you. Know what drives them? What makes them happy? Identify their motivation, needs, and desires. Start addressing those.


4. Opt for CloudShore Hiring
With the world changing its face, more and more businesses are opting for remote hiring. The social distancing norms and restricting the office team’s 100% use means offloading the job to remote workers. One of the best ways to address the growing need of remote workers is to opt for CloudShore experience that ExpandForce offers. Here, you are recruiting the best talent at a low cost since you don’t have to pay their salaries or other benefits and bonuses.

Another advantage is enabling 24/7 support from our team as the team works remotely from different parts of the world and still reports to you at your job hours.

5. Challenge the talent you hire
Candidates for top tech talent like to be questioned, They enjoy testing and showcasing their skill and wit. Please give them a task that you think will be difficult for them to solve. This also applies to the interviews. Make your conversations exciting and challenging for prospective personnel.

For instance, at ExpandForce, we offer challenges for enthusiastic technology talents for hiring and even retention. We also conduct such tests frequently to ensure addressing their creative adrenaline.

6. Go Beyond in your Core Offerings
The core offerings to employees may well go beyond the usual salary, bonuses, and perks. One of the top tricks to hire IT talent is to offer them the following –

Best Team: Ensure enabling the best work environment and teammates where it gets comfortable for the employees to settle in. Try highlighting the same during the recruitment process.
• Company’s Brand Image: The brand image of your company will make them proud to work there. Make sure you build a great brand to attract top talent.
• Clients and Work Profile: Smart employees care about what they do and for whom they put effort. Ensure putting the best work portfolio for top talent.
There are no golden rules of tips for recruiting best tech talent except the one that keeps your employees on the priority list.

7. Opt for smart recruiting tools
HR teams can and should use a lot of tools in the recruitment process. ExpandForce leverages the power of IT in recruitment as well to enable quick, effective hiring. We have a pool of candidates to offer you the best possible resources that match your requirement. Recruiting best talent requires you to stay updated with the technology that is well equipped with AI that enables some significant decision making with faster screening, proofing the process, and eliminating the bias.

8. Offering benefits and pay at par
We all know that top talent is attracted by the business that pays more and rewards more. HR must monitor the salary scale both in its company and its competitors. On the contrary, opting to render ExpandForce services would mean freeing yourself from providing high pay and benefits while also ensuring that top talent is in place.

9. Keeping a modern work culture
A great hiring manager focuses on an approach that is culturally and culturally fit. Being culturally progressive means, the applicant will not just blend through but will contribute to the company culture. This is how you concentrate and invest in the future and growth of the company.

When we hire the staff, we ensure addressing this issue as most of our hired talent is mature enough to pick up company culture easily and adjust themselves.

10. Choose Expert Hiring
Many IT hiring often happens under the pretext of a particular position, but the talent ends up wearing multiple hats. This is because small businesses often lack the budget to hire dedicated resources, which may lead to frustration amongst managers and employees. The goalpost keeps shifting based on priority, and the talent might end up leaving the job. Make sure you have an expert at your disposal: a dedicated IT expert, cybersecurity expert, cloud computing expert, etc. Such hiring might be difficult and expensive but reasonably possible in a cost-efficient matter at ExpandForce.

Whether you love it or hate it, hiring top talent is not something you can ignore. The first thing an organization needs to do to expand is to recruit the right resources. It is indeed a long, time-consuming process to ensure that the best candidates are selected. At ExpandForce, we make this happen seamlessly. Reach out to our hiring experts, and we shall take it further.

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