5 Smart Ways to Address Remote Team Challenges

Remote work is getting momentum across the globe as most of the small businesses looking to leverage skills, experience, and expertise in a cost-efficient manner. With benefits aplenty, these businesses often look for right remote team management tips that help them grow. While it has its share of boons and banes, there are a few remote team management challenges that businesses have to deal with.

Check out these five smart ways to tackle remote team management challenges that are frequent in modern times.

Regular communication with the team

It is easy for any remote employee to feel as if one is working in silos. It is reported that 57% of remote employees miss out on crucial job details. And more than half of these employees are also excluded from the essential meetings.

because of them being remote. Such problems are always best addressed by harnessing the power of communication.

The first step is to establish a strong rapport between the in-house team and the remote team. Such relationships are bound to drive effective collaboration across the groups (distant and otherwise). Start with switching up your remote and on-premise teams quite often so that there are enough opportunities for everyone to gel up for getting things done.

It will eventually lead to more people knowing about each other, giving a sense of belongingness and team. Ultimately, you are just pushing the teamwork and communication in a subtle way that motivates people to interact with each other. The geographical borders exist only in our heads, and fading those is the only way to get the best out of the remote team.

Providing your team with required tools

While this may seem obvious, most organizations do not equip their remote worker or teams with tools that are not their personal. For instance, providing a mobile device to sales guy or full-version of remote team management software to hired resources. An employer must identify tools that the remote team will use to get training and understand the business better. Providing the team with a copy of company materials and presentation can simplify their tasks, a dedicated work email can help streamline your communication. Not having such remote team management tools may leave remote workers low on morale and eventually hampering the output. This way, a remote worker gets equipped with the right tools at the right time that works cohesively to push results that are expected from them.

Schedule Meetings with Check-InsĀ 

The on-premise employees put in a lot of effort when it comes to attending a meeting preparing for the presentation. It is not something that the remote team has the luxury of, which leaves no room for a remote employee to be ready for instant meetings. Also, they are left out of side comments and conversations that are happening in the office space. Such a distance means missing out on small yet crucial information that is exchanged within the four walls of a premise.

Plan your meeting with the remote employees, and if there is something you have to communicate immediately, then schedule a check-in. They may be working in different time zones, and you will have to keep such virtual check-ins to ensure the employee is available. The best is to address such remote team challenges with IT outsourcing services, which is present on the cloud. Such teams are agile enough to work within your predefined boundaries and remain available. If you are unable to figure a way out on how to manage remote teams in terms of meetings and availability, go with the CloudShare to end your woes.

Hiring the right talent

Leading team

Engaging an undiscovered talent requires active management involvement and goal setting. And the event at a personal level, it requires a knack to pick up the remote employees based on specific traits they possess. It does not matter whether or not they have worked in such an environment before.

There are a few individual qualities that a prospective remote talent have imbibed in the personality which includes;

  • Self-motivation and discipline
  • Strong communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • Aptitude for working in a different environment with different people

While it is difficult to curate such talent, onboarding IT service providers offer a great advantage. Also, these service providers can enable hiring the right talent. They also have access to remote team management tools that can put hired remote resources to best use.

Monitoring and improving team productivity

It all begins with the management personnel having experience in remote team management courses. Such knowledge is essential to manage remote ream efficiently because it involves monitoring daily team activities. Team monitoring is possible by keeping remote team management tools handy to boost productivity.

Managing remote teams and integrating their work with the current team will require you to invest in remote team management software, providing necessary remote team management tools and supervising work from time to time. All these may distract you from performing core business functions. An ideal way to address such remote team management challenges is to hire a cloud team that reports directly to you and keeps you updated with what is happening in the project to manage remote teams effectively.

Focus on the right metrics

Many old school employers are calculating time dedicated by remote employees, which is their mental ROI yardstick. But, the changing times have introduced us to a dynamism where more companies are looking to hire remote IT workers who focus on deliverables. Remember, you are paying remote workers for their skills and expertise and not the time, so choosing time as a performance metric may be misleading. Instead, it should be billed based on tasks completed or project delivery. Therefore, focusing on the right metrics for a remote team is necessary to continue harmonized relationships that translate to efficiency. Hand remote team management software that hits the right metrics and embraces dynamism that such teams bring to your business.

Hire the offshore team and give them the right metrics to help gauge their performance. Offshore managers are usually hired to track performance and ensure the business objectives are achieved. Most of the offshore IT teams will have weekly sprints with assigned timeframe, reporting mechanism, and proposed end-result that creates an impact.

You can achieve great results by paying close attention to the challenges faced by remote working professionals. It is recommended to choose remote IT service professionals than to hire remote talent on your own. This will have someone experienced in offshore to monitor your remote team woes.

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