Create your game plan better with business continuity, IT services, and analytics.

Business is about sustainability in tough times and soaring when the market is bullish. The current pandemic has rendered many clueless, with a bleak future and confused present. A recent Gartner business continuity survey reveals that only 12% of the businesses are highly prepared for coronavirus effects. Intelligent leaders must concentrate on protecting their employees and assuring their clients with business continuity plans and effective services.

In times of crisis, business operations — an organization’s intelligence engine — are more critical than ever. This will require top management to safely place their bets while investing and remain mindful of each move.

Let us look at how the enterprise can battle out turbulent times with the right business continuity and disaster recovery strategies that blend with emerging analytics and profound complete IT business solution under managed services. Here is what plays a crucial role in building a robust game plan that will not let you down.

Engaging in Business Continuity Planning 


Business continuity planning (BCP) creates a prevention and recovery system from potential threats to the organization. A continuity plan ensures that workers and equipment are secure and can act efficiently in a catastrophe. Imagine how it would be possible to handle data and keep the website running even during the global lockdown. In the event of an emergency, only your BCP can have your back. The BCP is usually planned and requires feedback from key stakeholders and staff.

BCP identifies possible risks that can impact business operations, making it an essential component of its risk management strategy. Risks may include natural disasters, such as fire, floods, and weather events, and cyberattacks.

After defining the threats, the strategy should also include:

  • Implementing safeguards and risk mitigation procedures
  • Determination of how these risks affect operations
  • Testing procedures to ensure their functionalities
  • Process checking to ensure that it is up to date

Choosing IT Solutions for Growth

Every business needs to evolve with time, and those who fail to do so may lose out to the competition. If your game plan is to outgrow competition, then you need to have an arsenal of technology by your side. This does not mean you will need to spend a lot. There are many cost-effective IT outsourcing solutions in the USA. Enabling business with the power of technology will require the following.

Managed Services

Get the IT support services that help your core team focus on profitable business activities. Your game plan should tap into the right resources to generate revenue and leave the technology to experts. Get proactive system management with 24/7×365 support from the remote team or onboard them onsite. Have a dedicated IT team to safeguard its operations and keep the systems up and running that minimize downtime and optimize productivity.

CloudShore Services

Range of top-notch IT services stacked to keep you relaxed and focus on core business operations. expandFORCE is one organization that can help design a personalized IT service fit for your business. Get the CloudShore solution that does the job remotely without disrupting your floor while also ensuring that it runs up to date.

Business Analytics

Expanding an organization is a considerable challenge. And, if you have built the business from the ground up, the stakes are even more significant. However, you can find success at the crossroads of excellent business sense and hard work. A successful enterprise is one that knows its customer needs, tracks their requirements, and knows exactly how to reach them effectively. To get to that stage, you will need the power of business analytics for the following:

Marketing Activities

You will have a competitive edge by providing your customers and prospects with something new. Business analysis helps you use your data to make an insight-based, tailored marketing approach for business growth. Start making decisions that can confidently market your market to the right market through a suitable medium.

Audience Management

Dive into the insights drawn from data visualizations and dashboards with business analytics and further research them through business intelligence and reports. You can also interact with the results and use the information to develop your conversion game plan.

Predictive Insights


The market analysis allows you to study the variables that affect results and provide the power to refine decisions and ensure that you are on the right path. You can take the challenges forward, solve them quickly, and learn how to improve performance with data-backed decisions.

Organizations looking for a more significant overhaul will need to sort their IT with data analytics and business continuity. For most, finding a reliable IT outsourcing solution in the USA can help become agile and robust to face the uncertain market in today’s time. IT management should be looked at as something that adds value rather than considering it as expensive if you are looking to grow. Your business needs a high level of involvement in managed services from the experts to better execute your game plan.

Like most commercial solutions, there is no “one size fits all” answer in Managed Services. A business can rely on an MSP and opt for IT support services that aid daily business operations. You can also opt for CloudShore solutions if you are looking to empower the business with essential IT services while negating the need to engage in hiring activities.

At expandFORCE, we are breeding a talented team of certified IT experts who are skilled enough to offer your business a viable solution.


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