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The COVID 19 pandemic created a striking economic effect, and the crisis also significantly affected the way people choose to cloud shore their tasks. The new normal that people are living off late is increasingly changing the known realities of the past. Nevertheless, many of the tactics can be designed so that they benefit from IT cloudshoring.

If the business is on the path to expand itself, it is essential to implement strategies carefully and prepare the roadmap. However, being cost-effective and still being efficient may get too taxing for business.

Also, startups have a lean budget. The tension to grow the company can also become a distraction, and the performance may prove to be a stumbling block. Instead, you can choose to escape such a scenario by leveraging IT cloudshoring solutions and setting up an offshore team of experts.

According to Gartner, the offshore market has been reasonably stable in recent years, but all forms of cloudshoring would possibly change with the pandemic. Organizations have used a combination of onsite, near-shore, and offshore services, and in the coming months, they will perhaps focus more on remote work. Businesses are now looking to build a scalable IT department beyond the office and adopt a hybrid model to work on the strategies that deliver project results as expected.

Setting up a Business Strategy

The best way to begin your journey is to plan it right as you consider which internal business processes you can offshore with minimal strategy effect and which offshoring will produce efficacies. More significantly, the IT staffing solution offers a high degree of available qualified experts to make their job quicker across a global talent pool – the right talent increases productivity and completes all the assignments. This way, you can plan your business better and choose the right cloudshoring model.

CloudShore that promotes team collaboration

Building teams and working together would improve the spirit, connections, sense of belongingness, and, eventually, workers’ retention. expandFORCE offers CloudShore solutions that boast a formal atmosphere to exchange knowledge and is empowered to engage equally between the onshore and offshore workers. The key is to an open and inclusive atmosphere that motivates all and enhances learning and growth.

Blending in a reliable communication system


Effective communication is the key to team cohesion and progress, making it an essential component of offshoring. You can now have easy access to global talent pools with our IT staffing solution to maintain a secure and comprehensive communication network. For instance, expandFORCE offers an IT department team to your business that communicates with you over a secured network, regardless of the place you operate from. Team expandFORCE will continuously redefine the communication standards based on your clients’ location, be it Asia, European countries, or America. Choose from email, video, or teleconference where appropriate to ensure a smooth operation and project creation.

These common channels are, however, not sufficiently robust in particular. For the coordinated way of team communication across many departments, you can consider other specialized project management software and collaboration channels like Microsoft Project, Office 365, Teams, and many more. The key is to provide team members with a professional platform to discuss and learn about the project on a real-time basis.

Participation in decision making

One of the most common difficulties businesses face in IT cloudshoring solutions is that the local teams most frequently engage in decision-making. At the same time, the remote workers perform most passive tasks. With expandFORCE, you can rely on the top experts who can make the right calls if needed. The intent is to ensure team cooperation and keeping the team culture intact throughout the organization. You can also utilize the staff augmentation services for hiring project managers who can directly connect to your onsite team leader/manager. Both centrally located individuals shall make decision-making a fun process with equal participation from offsite and onsite teams, thereby avoiding possible conflict at the later stage of the project.

Ensuring Team Unity

You need to develop a highly skilled team to help identify your projects’ best objectives and alignments. Team leaders should match their vision and collaborate with their teams to execute significant initiatives and projects successfully. You will close these holes by integrating the vision and execution plan.

At expandFORCE, we put the employee’s esteem and empathy on the pedestal. That’s the core of a highly successful offshore team in foreign offices. As an IT staff solution provider, we manage the team that best benefits your business and our team. For this, we keep team-building exercises, occasional office trips, and even recreational activities to ensure higher employee morale.

Quality Control


Regardless of the industry, the objective is to recruit highly qualified, self-driven people of the highest caliber to expand your extended staff. It is best to reach out to expand force experts and find ways to develop a high-performance offshore team.

The biggest problem of remote workplaces is that of time and team coordination. Fortunately, with CloudShore, you can be sure of experienced staff at your disposal coupled with 24/7 IT service if needed. Build a team as per your need to deliver a comprehensive project report that matches your dynamic business strategy. Choose expandFORCE services with CloudShore to ensure turning each project into a successful one.



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