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Experience the art of simplified Offshore Solutions with CloudShore

Simplified offshore solutions for business can help you leverage expertise for various roles while saving cost and time. Choose to outsource to experience financial gains and efficiency as the expert IT team set up the right process for your business.

And when you think of outsourcing, think CloudShore. We have a range of offshore solutions with an option to alter it as per your business needs. Here are some of our signature offerings under ExpandForce.

Managed IT Staff

Our managed IT staff solutions are aimed at small businesses looking to channelize their efforts in performing core business activities. When you leave IT to experts, you are sure of getting things done in a standardized manner.

IT Support Resources

CloudShore enables extended IT support resources to help maintain process performance and boosts productivity while allowing increased data confidentiality. The critical element to simplified offshore IT solutions is to have trusted support by your side all the time.

IT Consultancy Expert

Hire a dedicated expert for anything your business requires we hire talent for you. Our curated resources work anywhere in the project lifecycle, be it business intelligence, quality assurance, or software developers. Pick the support you need at any stage and pay only for the work you get done with us.

Cloud Computing Expert

When your business demands growth, you will have to hire a cloud computing expert. Be it migrating your data or scaling up, our cloud computing resources are equipped with the right tools to ensure cloud migration, integration, and getting a private cloud network

Cyber Security Consultants

The year 2019 witnesses a vast 4 billion+ data breaching cases. Make sure you

are not one of those businesses vulnerable to cyber threats, especially if you are a new business. Data breaches can hamper the brand image, and it gets challenging to acquire customers later on. Contact ExpandForce to hire cybersecurity consultants and safeguard your crucial business data.

How can CloudShore help your business grow?

Providing Onsite Staffing

CloudShore is the answer to all the offshore hiring woes we keep you looped in throughout the hiring process. CloudShore boasts hiring experts who ensure putting the right resources in place within your organization dedicated to a particular project or a task. 

Rendering Offsite Staffing Solutions

CloudShore has an eye for the talent thanks to our industry experience in hiring a candidate that precisely meet job requirements. Blend in technology, which enables the offsite staff to stay connected to you, and you have a team, away from home.

Offering 24/7 Support

Every business needs a guardian angel, and CloudShore is that for you. All year round 24/7 support means there is someone to listen to your IT problems and that someone is top-expert at CloudShore.

Enabling IT Strategy and Consulting

Your business would need knowledge-based solutions with the equally skilled resource in place to execute it. Toss in CloudShore, who takes care of cloud consulting that helps to define, strategize, and implement methods to hit business targets within the predefined timeframe.

Providing Certified Experts

With CloudShore, you are sure of hiring a team of certified experts who are trained at delivering results that matter. It is best to hire certified IT professionals who drive business growth in a cost-efficient manner rather than manually recruiting talent.

Advantages of Choosing CloudShore

Choosing CloudShore can make tonnes of difference, especially in the way how you do business and get things done within the organization. With the world becoming more glocal (global-local), no talent is too far or too expensive. It is just a matter of time to make the right decision of outsourcing the IT services to get started and make the most of it. When you choose CloudShore, you are sure of the following;

Work Tracking

You’d want to know how the work shapes up remotely. Get real-time work tracking, which is more precise and reflects the dedication of offshore resources. With the latest tools and technology, you will be getting the turnaround time for every task that the outsourced talent does to drive efficiency.

Top Quality Talent

With CloudShore, you are assured of top-notch talent who may be at par with the industry standards. If your business is looking to replace existing ability to grow further, then you’d need smarter and quality resources that bring value to your table while staying cost-efficient at the same time.

Driving Results

What is the team that doesn’t deliver? CloudShore philosophy is deep-rooted in creating an impact to enable business growth. For that, you’d need to have complete control over your team, and that’s what you get with CloudShore, albeit with proven methods and scalable hiring models

Avoiding long-term commitments

Small businesses may experiment as they grow, and onboarding a costly talent may do no good to anyone. Paying someone even after the project or at times without having work to do may shoot up operational costs. Instead, go with the project-based or hourly hiring of the right resources to pay what you need for.

Getting a team that treats your business as their own is essential. And at CloudShore, the success of your business defines our success. Get the talent your business needs and leverage offshore to fullest with us to experience the difference. With plenty of offshore models and dedicated resources to choose from, you are getting a simplified solution to all your business problems. 

Come, talk to CloudShore expert and discuss the project requirements to kickstart your growth story. Call: (954) 271-5970 today!

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