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Whenever you are gearing up for a new business project, you will need a team of experts to begin with. Now, finding the right talent for the project is essential to its success, and onboarding such resources for the short term is not an effective way. You will need a team of IT engineers, including developers and project managers to complete the project. Getting the project manager is only part of the job done.

The actual issue is what to do of resources that you hire for the project? Should you retain them? Can you hire such expert resources only for a single project? Is it a cost-efficient way to progress?

None of the answers to these questions are affirmative. Instead, CloudShore your project without compromising on the expertise and talent. You will need to complete the project and provide constant assistance post-completion though it may not necessarily occupy full-time resources. Remember, you will need a project manager to guide the project through and not just coordinators who can get things done. Here you will need a complete business solution that can help you start the project from scratch and see it till handing it over to your clients. Choosing ExpandForce for effective project management will ensure finishing the project on time and providing you with adequate resources to get things done efficiently.

ExpandForce stands as a one-stop-shop for small businesses providing top IT solutions with a team of experts offshore. No matter your project requirements, our team is at disposal for even low project requirements within the scope of work to ensure cohesive deliverables. Being a cloud expert, we offer tailored hiring services that help you with the right team and placing quality staff in the correct position.

Providing a team of Cloud Experts

Our Project Manager ensures that the team understands the scope of the project and monitors the quality of the deliverables to ensure the quality of the product is delivered to the team. With us, you have the top project managers must have excellent financial, interpersonal, and general management skills such as leadership, negotiation, team building, motivating, problem-solving, and mentoring. Everything remains seamless as we provide resources that report to you using the tool that matches your ecosystem.

Any team will discover skill differences. However, as participants indulge in knowledge-seeking activities, the likelihood of team competence will be increased. Expertise can involve basic tasks, such as questioning participants about their experience and mentoring and a team leader who encourages everyone to contribute to the discussion. The quest for competence can also require more nuanced tasks such as checking members for different abilities and providing jobs that keep them efficient. This way, we help to keep your project running up to date without any roadblocks.

Setting the right expectations

The Project Manager should be good at planning, prioritizing, and assigning team members tasks. It is crucial to handle the tasks effectively in each sprint and distribute it based on team members’ expertise. For instance, we will have the cybersecurity experts to keep your critical business information safe. Good project managers know that team members will be involved when assessing the project tasks. This way, setting up the right expectations is helpful, and project fulfillment gets easier. Most of our experts are skilled at-

  • Gauging the task dependencies to set up the right framework
  • Sequencing those dependencies
  • Creating milestones within each sprint
  • The estimate time duration for completing each activity
  • Identify potential risks and bottlenecks in project
  • Risk response documentation to safeguard future project issues.

 Better Efficiency and Timely Deliverables

During project planning, our dedicated project managers explain to their team the risk management process and mention all the milestones that help monitor the project’s success. The reason is to ensure creating regular inspection points for project management. Our dedicated team members reporting over a cloud environment are well-equipped with the technology and resources that facilitate a timely delivery and executing tasks based on a planned schedule.

At ExpandForce, you can the project experts for various departments and dependencies. Our crucial offering includes –

– Cloud Technology Experts: As things go mobile with time, it gets essential for businesses to get free of physical resources and take crucial business data over the cloud. Hiring cloud technology experts for the project enable you to stay remotely and securely connected with the team and stay updated.

– Cybersecurity Experts: Businesses are vulnerable to cyber threats, and that’s why they need cybersecurity experts to be on the rise. ExpandForce has a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts to ensure safeguarding project data without worrying about hiring such experts on a full-time basis.

– Cisco Solutions and Experts: It gets tough to find Cisco-certified experts for projects on a short-term basis. On the flip side, you can always hire top Cisco resources from partners like ExpandForce, who help drive project goals without any hurdles.

– IT Consultancy Experts: There comes a time in businesses where you choose not to reinvent the wheel for setting up an internal IT team and instead look forward to turning to expert services. As your business grows, your IT demand rises, and hiring such experts gets out of budget. That’s when a team of IT experts can help you with your internal staffing solutions and provide a helping hand in addressing the client’s IT needs.

ExpandForce can provide a significant push to your business activities with the right expertise and adhering to the project schedule based on the project baseline. Our core focus is to get things done and steer clear from possible errors in the project. Our timely feedback and team cohesion, coupled with the project flexibility, offer you much needed technical powerhouse required to complete the project successfully.

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