How CloudShoring Helps Businesses Grow During Challenging Times

Evolving businesses are adopting the norm of outsourcing as a way of conducting business operations. There are many advantages to doing it as it continues to remain an appealing option for small and medium businesses. Particularly in difficult times, such as this ongoing pandemic, when companies cannot afford full-time managers, outsourcing is a cost-saving choice. Whatever your business stage — starting up, experiencing growth, working to sustain scale — or the state of the economy, your company can benefit from the change to an external resource.

Although the size of impact can vary, it isn’t easy to define any sector that faces various challenges. But, any crisis provides opportunities – and the current situation may be a defining moment for the technology sector, and that’s where you’ll need the CloudShore partners like expandFORCE. The challenging times like these having plummeted consumer needs, the businesses are running in losses, and the economy is in shambles. This doesn’t mean you’d stop your operations. Instead, you’ll find better ways to address the issues, and one of the best ways to do so is by contacting a managed IT service provider.

Global delivery model

The phases of service distribution are different, and catering to other countries would mean adopting higher standards. Global supply, however, is a core concept of the outsourcing sector and the very reason for the industry’s success. There will be a growing number of customers who will demand a faster turnaround and pushes businesses to embrace the evolving model of co-sourcing.

Providing necessary collaboration tools and technologies

The use of collaboration resources and technology has grown dramatically. Most of them gained momentum over the past few years, but adoption was sluggish. However, the lockdown of the last months has made adoption more rapid, and growing numbers of organizations function based on the ecosystem of collaboration.

And expandFORCE is no alien to the concept of remote work. Instead, long before the pandemic, we provided comprehensive IT staff solutions and then kept on updating ourselves. That’s where you benefit. The modern employment practices would make the outsourcing industry increasingly accustomed to a virtual workplace and let teams onsite and offsite work effectively towards a common goal.

Key benefits of CloudShoring during a tough time are:

  • Enabling to focus on the core business: With an IT outsourcing solution in place, you have the technology handled by the experts. So you can leverage the time, resources, and money spent on areas that better develop their company (e.g., consumer retention, new customer development, etc.).
  • Cost savings that help better manage costs: It may not be the only reason to outsource, but it can be a critical factor in opting for a CloudShore solution. This way, you can prevent large expenses and redeploy capital to invest elsewhere in your company. It can also minimize human resources’ costs by preventing large payrolls for full-time workers or incurring costs for recruiting and training personnel for short-term projects.
  • It can serve to level the field of action: Small businesses or startups who cannot afford the full spectrum of internal resources can access the same resources and have the economies of scale on their side to compete stronger with big corporations.
  • Driving productivity: The challenging times will demand no-compromise productivity, and that’s where 24/7 IT service providers can come to your rescue. External assistance, such as CloudShore, can increase your team’s productivity and accelerate business growth.

Opportunities to transform to meet the cost challenge

Even before Covid-19 hit, more and more companies are outsourcing to minimize expenses. All of these press their suppliers aggressively to reduce prices.

Although no one likes to move such conversations, the current cost is a guiding tool for your business to look closely at its operations and how much more is required to accelerate the pace. Several businesses have reported cost reduction initiatives, including team relocations, streamlining, and performance and productivity enhancement initiatives.

Organizations that can reinvent themselves and thus make real savings accessible to their customers without drastically eroding shareholder values will emerge as the winners from this turmoil.

Push for higher creativity


Organizations capable of innovating and willing to sacrifice short-term revenues for long-term benefits would be improved. Cloud, digital, and emerging technology rapidly means that suppliers must switch from volume-centered to value-centered business models.

Reducing costs and changing companies are two significant factors for outsourcing and not one or the other. Customers are increasingly requesting proof of a direct and concrete connection between creativity, performance, efficiency, and costs.

Offering top-notch security

When everybody’s home becomes an office effectively, creating and preserving a safe atmosphere poses a significant challenge. The industry must ensure that safety is not compromised because even very few errors could significantly affect its credibility prospects.

Building a collaborative ecosystem

There is a range of new vendors, including Amazon Web Services and Google, which are becoming increasingly part of the supplier ecosystem. Similarly, a variety of niche players now provide innovative solutions for the industry. Organizations would aim for shared ecosystems that function together to produce results.

Most businesses believe they have the skills to transform. Many of them mistakenly placed supplier management at the same level as procurement – underestimating the investment needed to develop credible internal competencies to drive change.

While it is normal to be uncertain about the future in the current world, the technology industry has the imagination to address the challenges ahead and assist other sectors in their further growth.


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