Our mission is to Transform the Ideas and Needs of Our Customers into Business Value

ExpandForce is driving businesses to success by putting technology to the best use. We have been providing top-notch IT services for small and medium enterprises for over a decade. Working with various growth-oriented companies made us believe more in how we add fundamental values to clients’ business. You can opt to transform your business by choosing the right business partner, and one of the best ways to do this is to hire ExpandForce services.

Let’s get you started with that.

Enabling Easy Hiring

Many businesses evolve by hiring the right people at the right time but are often trapped in the mundane, putting hiring in the backseat. This is where team ExpandForce takes the front seat and helps you with on-site and offshore hiring. We have realized that the best way to expand without investing much time and risk is through staff augmentation. You can create a difference immediately as we make hiring the right candidate for you an easy process.

Thanks to our network and strong market presence, we have a different talent at our disposal, and narrowing to a single position is simplified. We run past you those CVs that cut and share our key inputs to help you make better hiring decisions.


Quick and Seamless Support

We understand that a growing business would need hassle-free support that keeps their data security worries at bay. And that’s precisely what ExpandForce does! We provide IT support and services in the USA to help your business run smoothly. We have a dedicated support desk that remains on – 24/7 X 365 days. All your efforts are safe with us as we guard your crucial business servers that hold client data. Our goal is to focus more on performing core business activities and leave your IT to us. We guarantee round-the-clock customer support directly from the experts so you can get the right information immediately.

Experienced Staff

Your ideas turn to reality when you have the right people with adequate experience onboard. With us, you are offered top-notch, curated staffing solutions that make your efforts count. For instance, hiring a cybersecurity consultant on a full-time basis may get too costly. Instead, you can rely on our IT staffing services to source you the right talent for the organization’s crucial position.

You also end up saving a lot as you are spared from following a recruitment process or even setting up your HR department. Never let the dearth of quality staff affect your business. Instead, choose ExpandForce and experience smart staffing power that drives you closer to the business goal.


We have bred an idea – what if we provide you with the staff on the cloud? A fully-fledged, highly skilled workforce creates a difference in a way that adds value to your business while remaining affordable?

That’s what CloudShore is all about at ExpandForce. It helps your business in the following ways –

–       On-Site Staffing

Recruit committed employees to work in the office only after thoroughly scrutinizing them. Leverage our systematic, robust recruiting process guarantees you the best tools for the job.

–       Offsite Staffing

You can also choose to get the offshore staff using our CloudShore services to report to your remote. It is a dedicated offshore solution without investing much in resources and a better way to extend your team.

–       24/7 Support

We act as a facilitator, answering all your complaints and queries throughout the year, 24/7. We ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency in providing support services.

–       IT Strategy and Consulting

Get hold of our IT professionals to incorporate knowledge-based solutions. Blend into our cloud consultancy to identify, strategize, and achieve business objectives.

–       Dedicated Development Teams

Onboard the entire project creation team that stays with you round the clock. Our recruited team includes qualified IT staff that guarantees quality results on time.

–       Certified Experts

You can rely on our CloudShore experts for driving efficiency that improves business productivity and limiting costs.

–       DevOps Engineers

Having a dedicated DevOps Engineers on board with ExpandForce ensures cultural collaboration and skillful adaption of new tools as our team blends with yours seamlessly.

While we keep technology at the front, at ExpandForce, we value humans. It is with them that we can leverage the available technology to its full potential. We have worked with businesses from across the globe and help them redefine their business standards. Hire ExpandForce as your technology partner that enables you to empower your business and add value to client offerings.

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