Three Major Mistakes Customers Should Avoid in Outsourcing

Selecting the right outsourcing partner for your small business is the first step towards scaling up successfully. You would want your business to leverage technology and expertise to reduce operational and hiring costs through outsourcing. And while doing so, you are prone to make some mistakes. This post identifies and addresses such errors that can have a drastic negative impact, and avoiding it is inevitable to make the most out of offshoring. 

Lack of project understanding.  

Start with having a precise project requirement. It will need you to understand your project better and thereby define its scope of work. Onboard IT partner only after thorough project research and consider every task that needs to get done. And it is after that you dig deep on your IT outsourcing partner and identify the right candidates to work on your project. Such an approach will help you get the right offshore resources in place with an assurance of accomplishing your goals. You can then ask for individual resumes to simplify shortlisting offshore resources and ask questions like. 

  1. Are they familiar with the industry you are operating and your targeted user-base? 
  1. The project manager and person are responsible for contacting the outsourcing company. 
  1. Is the talent equipped with the latest skills demonstrated in their portfolio? 
  1. Assimilating work based on their skill set to allocate the right resources for the job that drives efficiency. 
  1. Whether or not your project requires dedicated or shared resources? 
  1. Ways through which you ensure constant communication with hired resources. 

It is only after understanding you will get to know whether and how the outsourced team will help realize your project. Most companies go on to hire the IT professionals offshore first without defining the scope of the project, and then things go haywire. It is recommended to avoid such a scenario at all costs and communicate plans confidently to the hiring resources. 

Once you are done hiring the resource, start monitoring the project to ensure everyone is on the same page. Getting multiple people from diverse backgrounds to work on your project is fun but defining sprints for weekly achievement is essential for timely completion. 

Improper KPI Definition 

You will be monitoring the outsourcing firm’s performance after hiring them. But what if your business is relying on the set of predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Chances are you might have the offshore team working on wrongly selected metrics, which are counterproductive. Start with having the right set of performance metrics that are thoroughly tweaked when you outsource business activities to the offshore vendor.  

Here, the experts at Cloud Shore can come to your rescue. We help you avoid making a significant mistake of not quantifying the leverages you have when you hire us. Instead, our team discusses the ROI, to begin with; this helps you save time and costs in a longer run. Without quantifying investment and its financial impact on your business, you will never remain unclear regarding your decision to outsource work. Take home the CloudShore advantage as we help your business stay efficient, where our experts reduce the project turnaround time thanks to our in-house technology and get you more in less. 

Choosing cheapest offerings 

It is one of the major mistakes that most of the small businesses make when deciding to outsource their work – get the cheapest one onboard. Opting for a low-cost outsourcing partner  

out of all the curated ones will have you overlooking a few of the significant intangible benefits. While cost-saving is crucial, it should not come at the cost of compromising the process and quality. 

Instead of weighing in the outsourcing partner solely on price quotation, see what value they bring on the table in terms of experience, technology, a pool of knowledgeable resources, and operational reliability. When you choose to outsource, see if their proposed cost includes customer service 24×7, 365 days. For example, we at CloudShore have no hidden costs associated with any services you render. Be it getting a full-stack technology, debugging, or providing quality assurance. It means you pay what you see on the website. 

Our comprehensive IT outsourcing package displayed on the website is a testament to our emphasis on transparency. 

It is best to avoid committing any of these significant mistakes while choosing to outsource key business processes intended to create a more substantial impact. Otherwise, you will be losing out a lot of time, energy, and money on the project and put it at risk of even restarting it. 

Talk to CloudShore experts and discuss your project to get started. Call: (954) 271-5970 today! 


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