We build bridges, not walls— our Engineers Work as part of your cross-border Organization while we take care of all Supportive Services.

Business growth encourages competition, which causes service providers to pay more attention to the quality of service. And while the organization has evolved dramatically in recent years in terms of market and strategical growth, it is understood without further clarification what SLA and KPI are. This means businesses need to move beyond the obvious and perhaps opt for service providers breaking the geographic boundaries. There are IT support services that companies can leverage to outgrow domestic competition. One of the best ways to avail that is by opting for expandFORCE’s CloudShore services. There are specialized services and ready-to-use businesses to effectively onboard the talent beyond the country and continent.

Working together as a team is not easy, but it gets necessary for so many companies to break the ‘onsite’ office’s motion. You can start hiring IT services for small businesses that can get the job done without the need for new onsite hiring on a full-time basis. Even if you use outsourced services or contractors, everyone must know what you value. You are their client and need to help them understand what you want and where the brand is missing out on something crucial.

At expandFORCE, we take a unique approach by evaluating what the consumer is interested in and how well an organization performs—our IT services for your industry act as a solution to the gaps you have in the organization. Perhaps the reason why CloudShoring is not about building walls but bridges that promotes cross-border organization growth.

It is not just a contract.

Thanks to the agreement, all parties (customer and provider) move towards a single conceptual standard in service quality. As a Cloudshore solution provider, we are also used to getting multiple contracts for a single project based on the service requirements that define team requirements.

Comprehensive support services

The greater goal is to help solve business problems and make the team more efficient in providing quality output in time. Choosing expandFORCE for your project would mean getting the top managed IT services for your business without compromises. The problem-solving team at your disposal ensures going beyond the contract duties and providing your business with the necessary technology power.

Expertise that Promotes Business Growth

Covering the necessary business elements requires ensuring that those involved in the organization recognize the global team’s challenges. CloudShore is one of the best ways to feel at ease with the group without being an outsider. This is because of our team’s experience, working with various organizations across nations that have made them adapt to any IT environment quickly. The unit can identify robust processes to cushion around the required technology while also considering the following:

• Providing the CloudShore project manager having the necessary communication teams to collaborate with your onsite team coupled with a robust mandate to pick the best people for the role.
• Running a team that has concrete targets on which members will negotiate and agree.
• Conducting periodic meetings that have specific priorities and clear agendas well-defined in advance.
Giving enough time to the members onsite and Cloud to communicate better and hastens the problem identification process.
• The CloudShore team at expandFORCE can comprehend the play of language and negate all cultural and geographical issues for significant cross-border outputs.
• All the team members you get as a part of CloudShore solutions can recognize the differences in teams and the talent, contributing to creating a friendly work environment.

The CloudShore Advantage

The staff is linked to various communities essential to the team or position and can quickly and easily exchange colleagues worldwide. This will help us to strengthen cross-border cooperation, provide input, and accelerate decision-making.

multifunctional features offered. NET.

CloudShore solution by expandFORCE creates space for discussions from all verticals and has an effective communication channel. Work from home and remote working is becoming a norm post-COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately for the team at expandFORCE, this is not new. We have had our team remotely working for many clients over the years.

Having our presence in the USA, India, and the Philippines, we provide the power of 24/7 availability to every business. Everyone involved in CloudShore has access to the portal and connectivity in the country with a powerful system and backup. This is one of the ways to ensure we are there to create a bridge between the missing talent and technology in your home country while keeping it cost-effective as well.

CloudShore is the future you need to unlock in the present day. The only way forward is to create a synergy between teams worldwide and leverage what technology offers. Instead of committing to long-term employment, coupled with training programs in the current situation, it is always better to look further. We strongly believe that more effective communication at all levels of our business would enable us to serve our customers better, increase our participation, improve our services, and encourage innovation.

Come ahead, talk to our CloudShore, and know more ways to grow your business that guarantees a higher return of investment. Call us today!

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