We Follow your Preferences – from Tools, Policies, Processes, and Methodologies up to Company Culture and Style.

IT managers entering into IT and cloudshoring agreements benefit from several advantages, including cost savings, variable capability, and reduced IT management time. However, outsourcing only works if both the provider and the client gain the desired benefits.

Often, the IT service provider does not meet your expectations due to a shortage of resources or the right talent unavailability. That’s when it gets essential for both parties to match the interest and set the right expectations.

expandFORCE is in the business of providing the best IT cloudshoring solution that is adaptable and dynamic. When you opt for any of the managed IT services, we deliver them to your preference. The tools, policies, processes, methodologies, and even the company style and culture. The team holds commendable experience in providing reliable business values to hundreds of companies across the world. We are engaged in offering management roles, typically for application programs, through a co-sourcing partnership that adapts your way of doing business. The team at expandFORCE is drawing on business offerings’ technological expertise and bringing you a profound business experience.


One of the critical requirements for any business these days is to have a cost-effective team that can blend in with their business environment. This amplifies co-sourcing’s scope because they want to leverage lower costs but higher quality technologies and project management experience while retaining project control. This is what makes us push our IT support services to remain top-notch across the industries,

Adopting the tools you use

Experienced and trained engineers who deal best with this are assured with higher priorities for technical problems. As part of a committed IT firm, you’ll have a team based out of different countries and yet adopting the tools you use within your business infrastructure. The goal is to simplify the process and minimize the team’s uncertainty by leveraging the communication tools’ power. With the expandFORCE team at your disposal, you are assured of a highly adaptable group that picks up your working patterns, reduces downtime, and keeps you on track. In technology, this form of reliability is fundamental. We know most organizations cannot work without it—onboard a team of professional IT engineers that guarantees a smart use of tools that you owe. We also provide you with a cost-effective output beyond your expectations.

Process and Methods

Our strategy is a long-term partnership that provides a genuine transition; we are not looking for “utility” kinds of relationships where the provider sits back and does the least. This is what defines us as a CloudShore solution provider with a dash of flexibility and experience. Our team has a knack for quickly fitting in processes and adopt the methodologies that best include your business process.

For our clients’ convenience, expandFORCE offers the IT services that you’re your business process and macro strategies, ensuring uncompromised services throughout the partnership.

Choose from any of the given IT cloudshoring models.

Project-based Cloudshoring

This model allows you a great deal of versatility to plan and implement the project (usually the whole) while delivering the end-result you need the way you want. This means our IT support services will have engineers and developers responsible for the whole project or its definite, coherent component.

For example, it can be about creating a web application or ensuring network security continuously. With this model, you are assured of timely project completion without compromising the quality output in each sprint cycle. Our team at expandFORCE can start with taking baby steps as you provide them with the feedback, and once we establish a rapport, you can then concentrate on business and marketing while we take care of your IT.

IT Outsourcing Solutions - Expandforce

Staff augmentation 

This model is designed to improve your internal team that blends with our managed IT services. We have a team of network engineers, software developers, and other IT specialists who will become a part of your team. You can now choose whether you need your project manager to oversee the entire project or hire a CloudShore solution provider for that. If you look at our math, you’d know that hiring the project manager with expandFORCE can save a lot while assuring top-quality management.

This model is beneficial if you do not plan to permanently recruit new workers and already have some “technical” workers in your team. Our team comes to the rescue when other daily tasks restrict your current workers. Having a perfect balance between your in-house employees, CloudShore staff may work wonders if there’s the right talent on both sides. This is where our staff augmentation services can help you relay the tasks that burden your team and delay the output.

Fixed price model

This model provides you with greater control over your finances as you can allocate a fixed amount of money for cloudshoring and get things done. Also, there is a scope for overtime if you need to get more work done, which is also an acceptable standard at expandFORCE. Once you hire expandFORCE, your partner IT cloudshoring company, you will be given the timeline, the technology used, and the number of hours the IT engineers will deploy to perform required operations. For this, we ensure putting a comprehensive project specification in place and offer services at a fixed cost.

At expandFORCE, we aim to provide your business with a team of competent engineers who can take your business decisions while understanding your problem and providing unmatched IT support. All your high-priority issues are considered quickly for a faster and efficient turnaround.

Get in touch with our IT cloudshoring experts, and feel free to discuss the project prospects.


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