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We provide services that are core to business functions by simplifying tasks using technology to offer departmental efficiencies and drive higher ROI. If your business needs the push, it is best to look at the cloud technology even in hiring that we provide through our CloudShore services. 

The working methodology is the critical differentiator at expandFORCE, and that blends with the expert team that enables you to leverage key offerings with utmost efficiency. Our service delivery standards are top-notch, thanks to the process we follow. The experts go beyond the usual offshore deliverables as they enable your business to benefit from cloud technology. The disruption in work culture is bound to happen as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes organizations to move beyond the four walls of office space.

Dedicated Staff

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Technology bridges the gap between humans, and who understands this better than a cloud solution provider like us? We have been delivering quality output to drive business efficiency for years. This is possible by providing small and medium businesses with trained IT professionals who can get things done effectively. Dedicated staffing is a quick solution in today’s time wherein you hire staff offshore working from our extended offices in the USA, Philippines, and India. They report to you on a day-to-day basis and blend into your current working mechanism without any hassles. 

How expandFORCE Works

Hire the staff on a project-basis or as your offshore staff. Being a credible offshore service provider in the USA, we work extensively with our clients as a facilitator by providing 24/7 support. The team at expandFORCE is never far when you seek to address the business pain points with expertise. We offer you the team and ensure the project success in the NDA coupled with working experience of working with the most excellent businesses across the globe.

Our working model is also open for the white label cloud solutions that can help you cater to your clients without beefing your onsite team. Leverage the cloud team’s power with the expertise to deliver timely results managed in the sprint cycles.

CloudShore Opportunities for Businesses

Businesses are getting future-ready, and with cloud technology and expandFORCE is offering the CloudShore advantages for multiple purposes. The team here is equipped with the right tools and systems to track the offshore work with ease. We are the top IT outsourcing software development company in Florida that offers project-based hiring, eliminating the long-term commitment to software development and other critical business operations.

Another great opportunity that CloudShore offers is that of flexibility. You can hire more as you grow and limit your number of employees per task or project to control the costs. It is a boon for SMEs who need the power of quality experts to accelerate their business activities. expandFORCE CloudShore team boasts certified experts that help you tap the resources’ knowledge without investing yourself in the hiring process.

The Road Ahead for Business with CloudShore

The CloudShore solution in the USA by expandFORCE is a great way to kickstart the offshore journey with a difference. The future is remote. We all know that the pandemic-hit world will take some sweet time to heal, and progressive businesses can’t wait. They are looking for constant growth and innovation, which is possible with the right team. Quality DevOps engineers at expandFORCE ensure simplified cultural collaboration and fast adaption of new tools that enable businesses to leverage the latest technology’s power.

Rest assured, the future looks promising for organizations that believe in taking the right move at the right time. And now is the time to get offshore by limiting your onsite expenses. If you are looking for the right reasons to cut the cost, you have the best one now without compromising the quality.

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