How to Hire a dedicated IT Professional – Definitive Guide for SMBs

When businesses turn to technology to solve complex challenges and gain a competitive edge, they depend on IT to provide world-class support at a reasonable cost. Take it from the outsourcing expert services team; we’ll walk you through the information technology recruiting process step-by-step so you can find the best IT specialist for the job with the resources you have. 

Three Essential IT Skills to Consider When Hiring an IT Professional 

IT professionals need both technical and soft skills to be genuinely effective in business. Your recruit must work well with others providing outsourcing expert services, deal with people of various personalities, manage organizational politics, and express the importance of their services or proposals to the entire team. Three important soft skills are available for hiring managers when hiring an IT professional: 

1. Passion and a Thirst for Knowledge

The difference between the great and the mediocre is passion. The enthusiasm of an ideal applicant derives from a deep concern for the effect technology has on moving your company forward. As a result, we’ve discovered that the best technicians keep up with the latest tech developments and regularly experiment with new technology outside of the workplace. An IT professional in software development outsourcing is enthusiastic about the industry, career, and the work they do will usually outperform those who see their job as a simple 9-5. As a result, we still suggest searching for candidates who enjoy “tinkering.”

2. Communication & Collaboration

 There is no such thing as a technology that exists in a vacuum. IT practitioners must be able to interact and collaborate efficiently with a variety of internal audiences. Simple and convincing written and verbal leadership is vital for addressing day-to-day IT problems with outsourcing expert services to c-suite executives. IT practitioners must also communicate complex technical concepts in simple, easy-to-understand language that non-technical users can comprehend. An IT professional who only speaks in industry jargon and “techsplains” will struggle to form good interpersonal relationships at work. 

3. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

IT practitioners are actually putting out technological fires and are under pressure to complete tasks quickly during downtime. Sometimes, the employee or client would be stressed – recall a period when you lost a vital file that you worked on for hours or when your machine failed you with a deadline approaching. Were you worried, stressed, nervous, or frustrated? 

You’ll get a complete picture of the candidate if you ask a variety of questions. Although you can concentrate on more technical questions, getting well-targeted interview questions will help you identify whether or not the selected candidate is an ideal match for your IT requirements. 

We’ve compiled a set of interview questions to pose to your candidates to help you narrow down your hunt.

1. Start by asking about their home network 

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If an IT practitioner is genuinely enthusiastic about his expertise, he will learn and improve his workplace abilities and devote time outside the workplace. That is why it is important to ask about their local network and how they really are enthusiastic and informed about their trade. 

A hiring consultant who is passionate about technology is rarely happy with a standard home network. Many IT specialists have a “homeland” that includes a more powerful firewall, a router, switches, NAS backups, and other equipment not seen in the normal home network. They may have a home surveillance system that connects to the internet and a completely integrated smart home setup and their homeland to play with different technologies easily. If you navigate your stuff around outsourcing expert services, there are a plethora of other features that can boost a home network, as well as a plethora of areas that can be expanded or changed.

2. How would you explain (a specific technology} in simple terms?

Since IT is such an important part of most businesses, conveying technical terms to non-technical people is essential. You may test the candidate’s style of communication and skills by asking this question. You can also see if they can translate complex words and procedures into simpler terms, particularly if they engage with non-tech colleagues or interact with client-facing issues. 

3. Emphasizing either the technical knowledge or customer service when choosing an IT outsourcing expert services? 

A technical expert should have a good mix of technical and interpersonal skills. Since this is an opinion-based query, you should ask if the candidate utilizes logic in their response while opting for robust outsourcing expert services. Furthermore, the applicant should express their understanding about how both skills are essential in the job through their answer. 

TakeawayContact IT, Support Guys if you’re having trouble finding the right IT specialist. We’ll conduct a free IT Assessment to assess the existing infrastructure, requirements, pain points, and challenges, as well as make detailed recommendations to your team. We’ll let you know right away if your company doesn’t need managed IT support services or if you’d be better off recruiting an entry-level IT support specialist. We’re here to help, so don’t waste your time or money. 

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