Warning Signs: Why CTOs Need to Challenge their Software Sourcing Strategy Continuously

The emphasis nowadays is on the technology and innovations that change the competitive environment and challenge business models, ranging from smartphone-first consumer shopping habits to Artificial Intelligence in critical decision-making. Therefore, businesses must be technologically advanced, and running it successfully will require Chief Technology Officers to challenge their software sourcing strategy.

IT outsourcing is a popular choice of several businesses worldwide that can help them achieve important business goals. Over the years, we’ve seen small, medium, and large multinational corporations (MNCs) reaping custom software development benefits. The idea behind outsourcing the IT job is to save time, costs, and evolve better by availing receive assistance from the best outsourcing companies in the USA.

This approach to hiring an external company as a software service provider has proved beneficial and has passed the test. It also helped to increase essential and unusual skills to pivot resources better for core business activities.


It is essential to understand the nature of the technological transformations before dwelling into CTO’s responsibilities and challenges. In the majority of cases, technological innovations are introduced as a series of disjointed IT initiatives. This leads to exciting advances that are delayed or incomplete. We also found that a technological transformation must be comprehensive enough to provide maximum business value.

Managers and CTOs have the responsibility to outsource the tasks for software development, which demands checking up with the enterprise to follow necessary measures. They need to get the job done right and avoid higher risks to their organizations by staying alert to the warning signs and overcome challenges whenever required.

Undefined goals & objectives

Team Player

The aims and priorities must be established right from the first step of every outsourcing project. These purposes must be recognized and endorsed by all participating parties, customers, and suppliers. CTOs, CIOs, and IT administrators should have clear project objectives and objectives when hiring a custom software development company. It is essential to understand what you need to make it easier for software service providers to understand scope without further dilution.

Most software outsourcing failures are triggered by these simple issues that can create space for undesired risks in the execution and completion of a software project. An easy but highly efficient method to test the software outsourcing strategy is to check for the expertise and compare it with the requirements you have to carry out necessary tasks.

Seeing Beyond the Contracts

When looking for the best outsourcing companies in the USA, remember that it’s not to be confused with the outsourcing of back-office or mere customer service. This is the extension of your existing team. It represents a large part of your company required to develop and grow with software sourcing companies that play a crucial role in achieving its goals. In your custom software development projects, the standards followed by any third-party where a supplier sells the products for profits does not apply.

expandFORCE serves testament to be a vendor who is just like a business partner. Our presence gives the feeling of belongingness, and we become part of the organization. This will boost your confidence and make us more accountable for the activities.

Therefore, it is the relationship with the companies and CTOs that pushes them to see beyond the contracts. Though there are contracts and NDA in place, our goal is to move beyond the obvious by implementing agile processes.

Redefining Project Scope


Project evolution is evident due to constant technology changes and emerging requirements from the customers. Such changes call for CTOs to first deal with the complexity of the software sourcing strategy’s transition itself.

Here are three ways how CTOs can adjust to the ever-demanding scope of a software development project.

  1. Reimagine the role of technology in the company. This will include determining the role of technology as a business and innovation partner for developing a technologically advanced business strategy (such as tech-enabling products and business models).
  2. Reinvent the distribution of information by choosing the software development outsourcing partners that are agile enough to change its operations. Improving IT services with technologies for next-gen software development will need CTOs to opt for end-to-end automation, cloud technology, and experienced teams. This is possible when partnering with expandFORCE as we ensure the development of small groups around top engineers.
  3. Key technology people should provide a future-proof foundation. Organizations need to implement a versatile, integrated architecture that facilitates ease of access to data. While it is evident for managers to choose the latest technology and teams available for temporary hiring, there should be no compromises with cybersecurity. Perhaps the reason why all scalable IT solutions will need a strong security team in place.

Inadequate skills in software service providers

It should be most shocking to know that your chosen software development company was not thoroughly investigated in expertise and commitment. The use of undisclosed and not necessarily credible provider selection represents a significant drawback and cause of failure in many software outsourcing ventures.

Authentic software service providers must have the capabilities and assessments with previous customers. This means there will be some credits and praise from previous clients, just like how expandFORCE has. Partners like us will help you with software and run the entire process if you don’t want to run this alone.

It is ideal for CTOs to gain deeper market understanding and broaden their networks outside the company. One of the easiest ways is to join another company is through software outsourcing. The times are demanding and may impact your software choices moving forward as you need to have a software sourcing strategy.

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