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It is that time of year again: Security Awareness Training. Gamify it!

Most companies are now undergoing security awareness training programs. Employees consider this part as a PowerPoint bombardment.  Also, the trainers may simply spell out the headers from the PowerPoint modules, with plenty of well-functional employees turning unproductive during the training time. Unfortunately, the value of safety awareness is often not understood by the participants, and instruction is carried out as a formality, which ends up being a one-way communication and a reduced security awareness program. In some instances, workers miss it in the hope of preventing another dull presentation.

This poses a significant hurdle for cybersecurity professionals knowing that though security workers are the primary defenders in fighting cyberattacks, the lost opportunity to gain knowledge about security will expose businesses to significant safety risks.

One of the best ways to address the situation is to incorporate simulation (gamification) elements in imparting security lessons and awareness.

Risks of Poor Security Awareness

Employees also put their businesses at risk by using insecure passwords, visiting dangerous websites, clicking malicious emails, and carrying out other risky activities. But successful IT data security training could eliminate such possibilities that expose businesses to a significant risk. Such workers usually do not intend to inflict harm, but their actions may have significant financial and reputational implications for their businesses. Social engineering attacks such as malicious email events led to damages over $3.5 billion in 2019, according to the Cyber Crime Center of the FBI.

Many organizations say that strict security procedures, checks, and education to protect themselves from cyberattacks are already in place. Sadly, from our past experiences with companies, we have found out from the past Cybercriminals increasingly exploit the vulnerabilities due to poorly qualified staff who is inadequate to counter the attack on business’s sensitive systems and data. Recent research shows that employees with scant security expertise trigger most data violations.

When the number and sophistication of cybercriminals continue to rise, companies must find new and innovative ways of network security training as well to raise awareness.

Gamification to the Rescue

Gamification consists of the use of game mechanics and game-based thinking to inspire and encourage users to solve problems through competition and awarding efforts. Techniques of gamification leverage our natural wishes for socializing, learning, mastery, competing, success, popularity, expression of self, altruism, closure, or merely our reactions to a situation that is framed as a game.

Many organizations use onboarding mechanisms, and customer interaction is now enabling the advantages of possessing security awareness.

One of the studies by Pulse Learning found that the majority of participants would be more inspired and inclined towards learning if it involves game-like structure. The study also noted the advantages of gamification, including increased participation, better motivation, enhanced and improved efficiency.

How ExpandForce Uses Gamification for Security Awareness Training

Security training

Few of our clients come to us with the latest developments in knowledge and preparation, where they lacked the data privacy and security training. Unlike a rather dull PowerPoint tradition, we are proud to enable top data security training by interacting with employees and sharing real-life stories while connecting them to the real world of security. While our customers still appreciated these efforts, we thought that we should do more. We have dramatically increased our information security training productivity with a mix of gamification, immersive content, and conventional teaching that goes far beyond the PowerPoint presentation by executives. This, in turn, made the consumers more proactive and open to security awareness training in their approach to information security with utmost care.

Our security awareness training method is immersive and intuitive, wherein we guide your team through immersive storytelling coupled with tips and tricks for device security and data security. Participants should also respond to the right/false, multi-choice questions, and fill-in blank spaces. We form a team and let the team members compete by answering these questions via a medium they choose – web pages or phone.

After each question, the participants are scored based on the pace and precision of their answers. Excitation increases dramatically as, after each item, the scoreboard shows the top three scores.

Elements of Successful Gamification

It is essential to understand the core elements of positive game-based training for those looking to play on their information and data security training!

Understanding the audience: Incorporating a sound base for successful training by identifying the works that need motivation and allocating widely used tools to comprehend the audiences’ situations better

Rewarding winners: Encouraging users with the incentives upon right responses is a way to induce more responses and increase competitiveness. The rewards can be anything from virtual badge to physical gifts like IT gadget, gift cards for shopping, rewards points, etc.

Training is a Continuous Process: Ensure holding security training every year while also tracking the success of employees with inscriptions and bonuses to reward their efforts towards their profession.

Bring in the Fun Element: Games are fun. And so are the training if they are gamified. Successful gamification will involve you in planning training with completion rewards and blend in the engagement elements to keep users hooked.

Visual Aids: Images, videos, and actual news stories will help to keep people interested in the training.

Gamification is changing how organizations think about security awareness training. We also believe in this innovative learning technique. We, therefore, look to empower businesses by enabling the use of this critical weapon in their business arsenal to fight the cybercrime battles successfully.

Hiring ExpandForce as your security training partner

ExpandForce has a team of experienced security professionals at the heart of business offerings. And we believe in imparting the right knowledge to small and medium businesses who can leverage it for cybersecurity through gamified training. Rope us in as your trusted security partner as you begin to conduct the gamified security awareness training program within your facility. Call us now!

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