How Can Your Business save by Hiring Dedicated Resources from EF?

Now that you have decided to outsource your IT needs, you wonder if your company is getting the most bang for your buck.   

Strategically speaking, creating a larger software development team, or growing the current team would be vital to reaching a new stage. If you decide to withdraw your funding, be aware that some questions can arise when you chose offshore IT consulting for medium, and long-term interest to remain this way? Is outsourcing my production cheaper than having a committed staff for the job? 

Cost estimation establishes the quality and quantity of resources (money, effort, capacity, experience, and time) required to complete the project efficiently. 

This is a mechanism that will undoubtedly have an impact on how the company is managed. However, without going into depth on conducting a cost analysis, I am attempting to demonstrate how much your business receives when partnering with a technology provider to address your software development needs. 

To what end does it serve? When you decide on offshore software outsourcing, your work to a nearshore company, here are some costs you may be avoiding: 

Drives time efficiency 

It is often said that time is money. In the world of software growth, lost time equates to lost revenue. We cannot afford to waste time. How can your business save money on this? Through offshore IT is consulting where you place all contractual obligations, personnel searches, and so on in the hands of experts. This process can take a long time, and the nearshore company with which you will be working will almost certainly already have the teamwork available. 

Quality payroll and competitive prices 

Since software development is a broad activity with easy access to education, the team’s payroll costs will invariably differ according to the cost of living in the location where the team works. Argentina, for example, has recently positioned itself as a market with significant international potential through a combination of factors, including low prices, a high degree of technological knowledge, the quality and competence of their practitioners, and English proficiency. Consider the cost savings associated with a foreign investment when recruiting a nearshore team. 

Long selection process. 

Since offshore IT consulting involves a significant economic investment for any company, what could be better than recruiting the best engineers to manage it? Contracting the ideal professionals for a particular project may seem like a waste of time (if you are the one doing it), but in the end, it will result in profits. 

It would be important to have a nearshore software development company handle the search and recruiting for you. This will ensure that you have the greatest and ready-to-start practitioners on board from the start despite the high demand in the industry. A nearshore firm will handle anything related to curriculum assessments, interview planning, negotiation, and contracting. 

Make them feel valuable.  

Creating a software development team should include financial considerations, such as salaries, but not all. Catered to meet the team and exceed the expectations of increasing customer demand, today, there is a pressing need to develop retention strategies. Today, self-funded long-medication, retiree benefits, inflexible work schedules, among others, are standard needs when offering offshore IT consulting. 

Infrastructure costs.  

To facilitate the work of a development team, you will need a technical framework and an IT team to assist with setup and maintenance when you outsource production to another business; these tasks and being on the cutting edge of technology fall to the outsourced company. Being reckless has a high cost. Indirectly, this expense is already incurred during the recruiting process. 

Training and coaching. 

Technology is continually changing, and keeping up is becoming increasingly difficult. By outsourcing these services, the business will gain access to new development methods, tools, methodologies, and experiences. Contacting individuals with extensive and varied technical expertise will assist in expediting the transfer of information to your organization, thereby avoiding the training costs with offshore IT consulting that would otherwise be incurred. 

Just in time delivery 

Often, developing software does not take the same level of commitment as sustaining or evolving it. It is also likely that the same systems will be obsolete in the future. Additionally, in an emergency, your business will avoid incurring disengagement costs, which are sometimes overlooked during cost analysis. 

The customer service also costs a lot.  

Unsurprisingly, one of the significant costs most often understated in software development is associated with the quality of service. Typically, your organization has a service and quality and technology emphasis on an external service. To get better results, there are more rigorous criteria to meet. Soon, you will begin to realize how profitable your investment was. 

Having a dedicated nearshore software development unit masks (in several ways) management costs and helps you to mitigate risk along the way, allowing you to handle a minor actual process by occupying only the vacancies deemed critical to the business. Extending your growth to a nearshore model enables you to expand more quickly while focusing more on your core market. 

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