5 Reasons Why Enterprises Should Hire Dedicated Virtual Resources

Hiring the right employee has long been a problem for enterprises due to the lack of brand awareness, limited resources to find the right candidate, and inability to manage financial setbacks. Top enterprises are always on the hunt for IT outsourcing services companies to ensure their significant success, demanding higher sales. 

Moreover, recruiting virtual workers will replace human employees in all aspects. Many enterprises are now employing a software developer staffing agency model for their creative and complex projects. It is a blend of both outsourcing and virtual hiring, which enable the enterprise to leverage benefits offered by both models. 

Here are the 5 key reasons why enterprises should prefer software development outsourcing companies. 

#1. Huge cost-saving 

On average, only the expense of recruiting an in-house developer would run up to $10,000 or $30,000. Besides, recruiting a proficient employee is much more expensive. In addition to this, any extra training expenses for the current employees would contribute to your payroll costs. Furthermore, purchasing retainers requires a robust infrastructure and spending on retainers. 

Opting for offshore software developmentrecruiting and training, retention, and infrastructure costs are almost zero. You can have engineering experts across verticals at different prices, making it a highly cost-efficient model. You pay for the developer expense, and the remainder of the cost can be shared among several projects. This helps those corporations to pass on the assistance to their smaller rivals. 

#2. Dedicated Resources 

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Project concentration, complete control, versatility, performance, and speed are some of the benefits resulting from a committed team working on your project. If an agency is hired, you cannot promise that they will solely work for you on your project. It is difficult for outsourced firms to get details about the team running the project, stopping you from knowing where it’s going. 

In comparison, with the virtual employee model, you directly access the design and technical personnel. Various kinds of task management systems, such as regular stand-up meetings, tracker sheets, and ideas via blogs, motivate workers’ productivity. Tracking instruments help the user keep track of their project and control progress. Since your virtual workers will work 40 hours a week for you, whether you are watching TV or not, this means that the developers are actively working on your project. This will favor you as this will reduce the time-to-market from seven months to nine months. 

#3. Assured Quality 

As an organization with limited resources, we make choices based on cost-effectiveness. Inability to accept time spent on trials and errors or by rework and iteration. Since a virtual employer offers certified developers, outsourcing is a far safer option than hiring a freelance developer. 

Such organizations (CMMI level 3 & above) have an established track record of providing multiple clients with clearly defined, mature procedures, transparent execution, and effective project management practices. They have strong partnerships with Microsoft, Acquia, Drupal, Kentico, MongoDB, Shopify, which enable them to leverage new technologies and deliver pioneering customer-centric solutions. This allows the outsource web development company developers to start from scratch from a technological perspective. The KRAs are directly related to the rating of the client. Using the best practices and code guidelines, they implement guarantees high-quality products that meet clients’ needs. Because of these companies’ strict security on intellectual property, you may feel secure in your project. 

#4. Seamless communication  

We need to have efficient communication networks even though we don’t share the same physical space from a project management perspective and at individual contact levels. Ideal virtual employee businesses have an open and accessible culture of collaboration and creativity. There are ways to monitor success, such as timesheets, blogs, checklists, and collaboration platforms such as slack, skype, hangout, GitHub, yammer, etc. They also collaborate with several businesses across geographies to help sensitize them. 

Agile leads to robust collaboration, more efficient interaction, as well as consistency and openness between partners. Modern project management tools allow the coordination and communication of agile projects. 

In comparison to other models, contact in the freelance model is poorly coordinated. 

#5. Unparalleled flexibility

Most software engineer staffing agencies operate on a fixed-priced model, making it difficult to make changes along the way, thus increasing the overall cost. Also, scaling up or down of the team and limiting their access makes communication with the target audience challenge. 

Digital workers are close to your staff, and you essentially have power over your project. In this agreement, you have direct access to the developer working on your project, just as you directly access your working party. Simple ramp up and ramp down developers based on your project requirement and an easy choice to upgrade your team from an array of technology skill sets from this model’s basis. A collaborative partnership’s versatility and convenience are unmatched by any other service, strategy, or product. 

As a corporation, you want to conduct a thorough investigation before making decisions. Try to form a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with the service provider. In this way, this relationship will help the company to flourish and succeed. Your industry is demanding and stressful. Your company server should be secure enough so that you can continue concentrating on what it does best, running the business! 


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