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Although there is a wealth of literature on digital transformation, one critical department has not yet completed its digital transformation: the IT help desk support services. 

Although significant investments are being made in ITSM systems and self-care, most businesses still lack intelligent automation and retirement plans. Both are needed for organizations to truly profit from digitizing their helpdesk and service desk operations, improving employee efficiency, and strengthening their business strategy. 

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The following describes the current state of IT help desk support services and top recommendations for developing a plan for the digitalization of your service desk. 

The digital transformation of the service desk is still minimal 

For all the talk about the digitalization of literature, though it remains in the throes, the IT department has yet to be thoroughly digitalized. Much time and money are going into ITSM platforms, but businesses also need to incorporate a human-centered approach. Increasing employee efficiency and improving business strategies are essential for companies that have implemented a helpdesk or service desk. This is the latest situation with the help desk and a blueprint for designing the service’s digital support and the IT help desk support services.  

Self-services such as self-help IT and portals are in place, but 72% of end-users choose to contact the IT-support help desk. How do we account for this consumer reaction? Indeed, self-service portals are gaining popularity, but they remain straightforward offerings. There is a significant disconnect between this approach to digital change and the introduction of more robust digital processes and chatbots driven by artificial intelligence. 

As IT help desk support decision-makers are questioned on the most common employee grievances, 56% admit that workers choose to reach the support desk by email or phone. Most users find it challenging to choose the proper form or sort through a flood of confusing or obsolete forms in the ITSM platform. 

Automation is not widespread yet

When asked about the extent to which their help desk supports and processes are automated, more than half of senior decision-makers stated that less than 10% of their incidents are handled automatically without human intervention. 

Mostly, 45% of the same respondents were unable to specify the cost of their organization’s ticketing system but felt it was excessive, while 28% indicated an average ticket price of $10 to $20. 

All those businesses were fitted with cutting-edge IT help desk support services solutions such as ServiceNow. Still, when we dug deeper into their process transformation and discovered robots, drones, chatbots, more sophisticated Virtual Assistants with Artificial Intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and machine learning using IT help desk support services which are still very minimal. 

Build your roadmap for the digitalization of the service desk 

At expandFORCE, we enable enterprises with robust IT infrastructure services that have implemented a range of top-notch tools and services for their major clients.  

The virtual agent solutions also build on technological partnerships with leading IT to help desk support services providers, including ServiceNow, Microsoft, which was created using the first Digital Workplace Virtual Agent for Office 365 Automation, Anywhere365, UiPath, Upland Right Answers, and AudioCodes. 

The 5 main points on our road map areas you advance towards new initiatives and computerization of your service are: 

Data Collection 

Since AI is based on data, you will need data to feed the automation tool. Depending on your level of technical sophistication and the accuracy of your data, you will exploit data from your ITMS or live chat. Analyzing historical IT help desk support services data enables you to recognize the most frequently occurring requests and tickets, allowing you to find areas where automation will yield the highest return on investment. 

Live Chat Implementation  

Successful implementation of a live chat solution (linked to ServiceNow) would benefit the customers. It will be popular with the user and prove to be a wealth of information for the Virtual Agent. We also greatly simplified the training process for your Virtual Agent by eliminating steps. 

Virtual Agent training with Data 

The IVA training module enables you to load historical data and live talk data easily. In this manner, the Virtual Agent is trained regularly using expert-curated data. 

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Virtual Agent Deployment 

expandFORCE’s virtual agent supports multichannel communication, ensuring that the users can communicate through the networks they choose, like Microsoft Teams email, text, Skype, or a quick phone call. Our virtual agent, built on a conversational AI architecture, is multilingual to have the best possible user interface for foreign teams. It supports English as well as languages that ServiceNow does not currently support, such as French. 

Optimizing Resources with Right Usage  

Our Virtual Agents gain information from user feedback (like/dislike) on each response selected from your knowledge bases, FAQs, or integrated knowledge bases from RightAnswers, ServiceNow, Conglomeration, or SharePoint, among others. A simple-to-use back-office enables your information experts to train, evaluate, and track the performance of the Virtual Agent without writing a single line of code. 

More about Services Offered by the expandFORCE 

expandFORCE is a global provider of IT infrastructure services with a team of dedicated service desk agents. We enable enterprises to drive better CX with IT help desk support services governed by the natural language understanding rate of 80%, even before it became available to end-users.  

For Computacenter’s service desk agents, this digital transformation is an opportunity. As the Virtual agent frees them from repetitive tasks, they can focus on more complex requests. Reach out to us to discuss the digital transformation with the proper roadmap suggested by experts at the expandFORCE. 

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