Cybersecurity: Is Outsourcing the Only Solution to Tackle Skills Shortage?

Data breaches are not a new thing in the Internet world. With growing users and their data, increasingly cyber thieves are out there on the web and stealing crucial information. For example, Marriot International announced a data breach of around 500 million customers in 2016, and it was not discovered until 2018. Similarly, Facebook faced similar violations in recent times when a database containing more than 419 million users was leaked, which was hosted over an unprotected network. Such data include user IDs, account names, likes, comments, and other sensitive information. Witnessing such acts is common, and this requires companies to stay highly vigilant 

This is the reason the USA is expected to dominate the cybersecurity market in the coming times. The technology advancements and early cybersecurity adoption are key indicators of why the USA should be the center of all cybersecurity requirements. Even globally, the investments in information security are shooting up year over year. It witnessed a $114 billion in 2018, which is 12.4% boos from 2017. It is also believed that the forecast for 2019 was quite close to seeing $124 billion and is expected to surge up to $170.4 billion by 2022.    

While there is a need for cybersecurity, the lack of skilled resources is the root cause of such data breach attacks. The booming market is high on demand and less on supply. A cybersecurity venture prediction has published in the NY Times indicates a gap of 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021. Such a dearth of talent means companies being more vulnerable to cyber-attacks 

Of many other challenges, two crucial issues lead to such a demand and supply gap in the cybersecurity sector 

Lack of training: Most organizations fail to provide required cybersecurity training to their staff. Stress and Burnout: New IT initiatives demand cybersecurity experts keep up with the latest cyber-risks.  

Being vigilant and having data privacy responsibilities on the head, the professionals often feel the stress and experience burnout quicker. 

How ExpandForce Reduce the risk of CYBER-ATTACKS 

  • HiringvCISO– Virtual Chief Information Security Officers 

Hire IT Experts from Expand Force address the dreaded issue as this stands as an optimal solution for companies. Most of the Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) find it mundane to comply with single enterprise architecture. That is why 1/3rd of the top experts prefer to be a virtual CISO (vCISO). We have a dedicated vCISO on a rotational basis, which aims to bring more variety and flexibility to a CISO position. It works in a symbiotic manner – giving career control to CISOs and guaranteed cybersecurity expertise to our clients. 

24/7 Security Centre 

Monitoring your security center is our fundamental duty. With ExpandForce, you have cybersecurity monitoring outsourcing that ensures cyber protection without any large-scale budget allocation. And since we work for the global market, our shift-based work provides round-the-clock security monitoring. Consider us as your trusted security consultant to monitor your security, which costs less than hiring a dedicated staff in your company. As an IT service provider, our key outsources security monitoring job ensures you peace of mind and protection as you make business decisions that drive growth. 

Incident Response Handling 

Effective incident response is needed when the cybersecurity team demands quick action. When you outsource your cybersecurity to ExpandForce, you are sure of having an incident response plan in place that saves a lot of money. As a dedicated IT provider for cybersecurity, we provide you with an insight into an incident response plan, which can act as a critical component if your business data is compromised. 

With all being said, cybersecurity experts with the right skills are tough to find and tougher to retain as full-time employees. Recruiting the right one demands a rigorous process and even hiring expert technical recruiters. Instead, choosing the ExpandForce team as your cybersecurity partner will have the group familiar with the latest hacking trends and a vast cybersecurity landscape knowledge working for your company’s data security. 

Reach out to our cybersecurity professionals’ team with in-depth expertise and experience in securing small businesses and organizations through tailored solutions. 

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