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What is the difference between Managed IT Services and IT Staff Outsourcing?

Managed IT Services and IT Staff Outsourcing are terms that are used interchangeably in many hemispheres, and yet they are quite different from each other. There are multiple benefits of outsourcing as well as of Managed IT Services, and they should not be used in sync with each other.

The process of outsourcing mainly involves outsourcing resources to other external parties for cost-cutting. There can be multiple activities involved in this, for example, sections of the production process, outsourcing along with back-office activities.

Managed Services, on the contrary, would only involve outsourcing sections of IT personnel as per the business requirements or project needs. This process is mainly handled by the MSPs or Managed Service Providers.

Some of the notable differences in between the Managed IT Services and IT Staff Outsourcing include,

  • Fear of Loss of Control

When it comes to outsourcing business opportunities, people usually think that the process would involve offshore countries, cheap working environments, and even loss of control. This is, therefore, considered to be one of the challenges of outsourcing in a negative way. But if you are opting for a Managed Service provider, then there would be no loss of control. Such an IT Partner would always be reachable and would be a vital part of the team. Additionally, you would also be sure that data would be stored and managed securely within the EU rules as well as the GDPR.

  • Revolution at your own pace

While IT Outsourcing mainly involves about cost-saving, IT Managed Service Providers would provide companies with some of the best technological consultations. This can be considered as one of the problems of outsourcing as opposed to the Managed IT Services.

If companies would be able to choose the correct investment option among the two, then they would be able to provide growth and innovationfor themselves.

  • Managed Security

Outsourcing work from homeon IT Security would give increased certainty about the progression of the IT environment. Also, securing IT protocols is more complicated than ever before, owing to the latest technological trends and advancements. MSP needs to have complete expertise so that they can achieve and also manage the company’s IT environment permanently. This would ensure that all possible disadvantages are taken care of before you face any issues.

Advantages of Using IT Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation is one of the types of outsourcingused by organizations when there is a requirement for new talent for time-based projects. Therefore, companies would then conjoin their existing staff with professionals who are equipped with skills meant for specific projects. These advantages would necessarily make you understand as to how does outsourcing work in the long run,

  • More Control

If companies have short term projects at their disposal, then employees would only need to work for a limited set of hours. Staff augmentation service mainly ensures that they hire based on specific skill-sets. This would then give them an advantage in recruiting this talent at a limited cost as well, providing them more control. Companies would be able to identify the skills where the workforce requirements are presently there and accordingly customize their staff augmentation needs.

  • Swift Business Scaling

If you have queries similar to how to get outsourced work from the USA and other countries to elevate your business in multiple countries, in most of the industries, the workload of the company shifts as per their size, therefore, having full-time employees would not be the right way to go. Temporary employees would be the way to go in these circumstances as it would ensure that companies can handle them.

  • Comparatively better than full-scale outsourcing

Staff Augmentation is a form of outsourcing, no doubt about that. Still, it also allows organizations to control the skills and also experience what they require from the resources that they have hired. One of the key advantages of this point is that it is easy to monitor the progress of these employees, as they would be working with full-time employees. This will even eliminate any clear disadvantages and would also maintain full secrecy of this project and make recommendations as well.

  • Saves up a lot of capital

If you are hiring full-time employees for specific projects, then it would cost you a lot of money, and efforts would be expended as well. Companies can instead divert their attention to hiring employees who will work temporarily for specific projects that need to be executed on a time-bound basis. Companies would save money on the employees’ expenses, benefits, and other benefits that would otherwise be incurred if they hire full-time resources.

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