Redefining what work means to create a fairer workplace

Organizations need to redefine themselves to stay ahead of the curve continually. An ever-evolving workplace would mean creating greater awareness regarding gender inequalities at work. It also means changing their corporate practices, recruiting targets, and moving towards balanced pay scales that encourage greater female employment involvement. However, it is not enough to enforce such methods alone, as businesses must take an extra mile for redefining the workplace. That’s when you will need to look beyond the conventional workplace and tap on virtual office power through offshore hirings.

A lot of the workforce face gender-based discrimination, and therefore, it requires strategic hiring to come out as a progressive firm. Consider how McKinsey survey concluded that women globally do 75% of all work unpaid, including housework and child and elderly care.

If we consider MENA and South Asian countries, women spend more than five times as many hours as men on unpaid care work. This is further exacerbated by patriarchal views of the workplace and hierarchical traditions and systems that prioritize physical presence at work. When you look for smart offshore hiring, you are also enabling females from such countries a high power to be independent and aspire to a better future.

Here is how offshoring helps you redefine the workplace by neutralizing gender roles within the business operations. 

1. How to redefine the workplace

The dire times like these call for more dynamic recruitment where office time is not the only yardstick to gauge someone’s efforts. Fortunately, a lot will change post-COVID-19, wherein work will take up the front seat and putting the physical punching hours behind in the list of priorities. But still, things are bound to remain the same for those managerial workers or the ones whose tasks involve comprehensive team coordination. When you choose to get work done offshore, it will free you from running high costs to maintain the physical workplace.

Redefining the workplace to be fairer for both genders would mean setting the right KRAs that reflect putting their real capabilities into best use in a day job. Offshore hiring offers you the best of the talents from across the globe hired without any biases of color, gender, caste, or creed.

Formalizing flexibility through concrete hiring policies will allow women and men to better use flexible work choices and fulfill family obligations, thus reducing pressure on women at home.


For instance, Unilever UK made this move with its Family-Friendly Benefits package, and in some way, at ExpandForce, we are offering our employees a proper work-life balance. Our organization provides agile, flexible work and provides ‘back-up’ services to assist staff with child and elderly services plans in emergencies that balance our clients’ and employees’ needs.

A great organization in the making would also think of such initiatives. It would gradually adopt one that enables employees to offer parental support, from family planning to return-to-work mentoring as part of their Maternity and Paternity Support program.

2. Recalibrate how work is measured

Your new workforce hired with ExpandForce would offer a fundamental restructuring that involves redesigning the policies and changing the basic approach to work and performance metrics. For example, we help you define the performance metrics have and assess employee quality against predefined KRAs regardless of how the job was done and whether or not the employee has a break in his / her career.


An overhaul would require recalibration of metrics that help change the organizational priorities from standard subjective testing to quantitative appraisal processes using well-refined KRAs.

Establish policies that allow minor breaks in career advancement as women and men have critical personal milestones such as marriage, childbirth, family relocation, and so on. Create policies that do not penalize women for taking a break to work from work and provide skills, training, and mentorship to help women re-join a job seamlessly. Most businesses would also need to sensitize managers, leaders, and employees to get acquainted with the new work approach and undergo a performance assessment.

3. Change gears to a flexible performance model

The emergence of the wired workforce provides tremendous versatility to work from anywhere. With social distancing being the new normal, many companies would be forced to let people work from home. Now is the time to give your workplace a further advantage of hiring remote workers. We enable you to gravitate toward a model where workers work at your convenience-within the organization’s broader context to ensure goals are achieved.

Team Leader

We also encourage managers and C-suite executives to follow a flexible working style without losing transparency and outcomes. It means you are always working with talent with high morale and better output.

Leading businesses such as Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson, and Salesforce are aggressively encouraging flexible work to attract, retain, and engage top talent. We have also learned from global leaders. At ExpandForce, we offer flexibility and rights to the employees with a proven result that they’ll stay faithful to their roles and organizations. It helps businesses reset the conventional paradigms of work, and evaluation would experience many benefits.

Hire top talents with ExpandForce to get started with redefining your workplace to experience a faster turnaround.

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