Difference Between Help Desk Software vs Service Desk Software?

The ITIL® purist may argue that support desks and service desks are two very different beasts for years earlier. Now, one can believe that the difference is mostly a matter of semantics. Many people believe that a support desk and a service desk are not quite the same, so that a business will go through the discrepancies and similarities between the two in this post. There is no right or wrong response here; it is up to you and your organization to determine what to name the feature that provides the key to picking up the best service desk software. 

Let’s start with some common definitions for help desks or service desks, as well as some examples and advice on how to choose the right one for your company. 

What is a help desk? 

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The IT support desk is typically thought of as being more pragmatic, with the primary goal of assisting end-users in quickly resolving their urgent needs, as well as technical issues and injuries. The help desk is supposed to be efficient and fast because it is reactive. The IT help desk can be separated from or merged into a broader service desk operation to improve its overall customer experience. 

Who would choose a support desk? An online help desk software is likely to include incident and change request management and simple change enablement features. This is a reasonable and cost-effective solution for smaller, less complicated organizations with little dependence on IT. 

What is a service desk? 

The IT service desk is a much wider, more strategic, and cross-organizational role. Instead of concentrating exclusively on addressing the user’s needs, a service desk recognizes the broader business needs and meaning as a support desk does. 

ITIL identifies the service desk (service operation) as the single contact point between both the provider and the users. The best service desk software deals with accidents and service requests, as well as user contact. While the service desk usually includes a support desk, its ultimate purpose is to improve IT and business processes around the enterprise. The best service desks are always searching for ways to improve IT processes’ efficiency, including the support desk. 

A more mature company with complex IT structures, third-party vendor integrations, and a high dependency on IT infrastructure would almost certainly require a full-fledged ITSM solution with an advanced service desk feature. 

Best practices for choosing the right tools 

Many passionate debates on this topic can be found in various LinkedIn groups and other forums. These discussions also distinguish the types of applications that you can use to make your job easier at your desk. Here are the best practices for selecting the right help/service desk resources for your company, based on my experience. 

Start with the basics. 

Begin small and acquire a collection of resources that will develop with you. Implement the elevated modules first, and then gradually expand the functionality when they become useful. Expanding tools as part of a continuous improvement initiative guided by the best service desk software will improve your practices. You can’t go from 0 to hero in a single day, and you shouldn’t try. 

One cannot generalize state-of-the-art. 

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Don’t be fooled by the plethora of bells and whistles on offer in today’s ITSM toolset marketplace. Humans, like magpies, have a penchant for shiny objects. The allure of extra-value features can tempt users to spend more than expected. 

There is no wrong answer. 

It is explained how many people in the ITSM world don’t know the difference between a support desk and a service desk in this post. However, as mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong in this case when it comes to the best service desk software. ITIL, and ITSM in general, offer a structure and ideas to help you build the skills you’ll need to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

So, name it whatever you want: service desk or support desk, in my opinion. The only thing that matters is achieving the desired business results for your company. 

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