3 Key Reasons Why Your Business Need to Implement a Dedicated Help Desk

Numerous firms build their own IT help desks, combining services such as email and SharePoint to suit end-user requests. Such techniques are sensible in organizations with a low level of IT complexity. Still, organizations across various sectors face increasingly sophisticated technological needs, and the help desk must keep up. Businesses with a practical help desk can realize significant operational gains, specifically when it comes to processing alignment in areas where IT and business units must communicate. 

While there are numerous advantages to creating a dedicated service desk, three compelling reasons to making the switch include the following:

1. Support emerging technology trends

For businesses of all sizes, user demands are increasing for functionality that is intuitive, immediate, and well-suited to the user’s everyday needs. The fact that this change is happening in the IT sector is accurate. Business solutions have long been technologically superior to consumer ones, and IT can thus decide which services employees can use, has been actual for a long time. 

Rather than simply making IT accessible to all, the consumerization of IT trends is shifting the focus away from having IT utilize the finest tools and services and making those tools and services more accessible to end-users. Additionally, new apps and services provide individuals with more convenience in their lives and work, and the need for workplace-integrated solutions is expanding. 

The consumerization of IT creates a never-ending quest to keep up with the advances in client solutions to ensure the business configuration is in step with the end users’ daily solutions. Businesses require incident management functions to handle the new technologies workers bring to the office, and they may use these functions to support operations more efficiently.

2. Create meaningful value

Money is lost in various methods whenever a consumer encounters an issue that prevents them from successfully utilizing an application or service. These losses can occur due to customers declining to make a purchase or productivity being lost due to workers’ inability to access a crucial program. Eliminating these losses has the potential to generate a substantial return on investment. The enhanced ticketing tools featured in help desk solutions enable employees to resolve issues more quickly and more effectively identify and educate the community on avoiding or resolving specific events without contacting the help desk. 

3. Move towards ITSM setup

Changing business contexts require IT services to evolve rapidly, and ITSM solutions that can enable this require just as much flexibility. Before technology advances, IT teams found themselves in a predicament in which a help desk deployment was a huge undertaking that needed to be maintained for as long as possible. Once the company’s technology demands required a move to a more sophisticated system, however, IT teams were faced with completely starting over from scratch. That phase is over. 

it service desk support - expandFORCE

An iterative approach to expansion is included in modern ITSM solutions, allowing firms that employ a dedicated support desk to add modules as needed. By creating a hybrid solution that incorporates IT teams’ solutions like a problem, change, and release management, IT can keep support operations in place while incorporating new solutions as they are needed. No longer is scalability an abstract goal, thanks to the support desk, and getting a specialized solution right off the bat is the first step on a long but critical path. 

While it may be easy to save money by maintaining a self-contained help desk, there are several compelling reasons to migrate to a dedicated managed services solution. 

Takeaway: Helpdesk Support to Supplement In-House Support 

Assume your internal IT department will be responsible for assisting your employees with technology-related issues. This is all well and good, but chances are they don’t have the time to deploy new solutions, maintain your gear and software, monitor your network for irregularities, and handle all your organization’s devices, let alone accept a call from a customer who can’t access the email. You may assist your business’s IT department by offloading this one task to an outsourced, virtual help desk. 

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