5 Tips to Stay Motivated on the Service Desk

Although working on a busy IT service desk can have its perks, it can also significantly drain morale, affecting your motivation to do your job. Then there are the irate end users, who are dissatisfied with their IT, either because it isn’t working correctly or because they aren’t being handled with the respect they believe they deserve. When you combine these factors with heavy workloads, multitasking demands, and potentially long days, it can be difficult to maintain concentration. Depending on the type of IT service desk, exhaustion and probably a general sense of boredom do not make for the most efficient service desk analysts.  

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What would you do to recover your service desk’s mojo? And how can you persuade your manager to make the requisite changes? Here are six pointers to get you started.  

1 – Find out what keeps you motivated for the IT service desk job 

You possibly began working on the IT service desk because you wished to assist others (along with a love of technology). Therefore, spending time in the market, with colleagues and customers, may be beneficial. Hopefully, you will find concerns and problems that are going unreported. Alternatively, you can identify areas for technological advancement. 

Spending time on what is referred to as a “service safari” will also provide further insight into how the company sees the IT service desk, which can remind you of the vital role the service desk plays in keeping employees and business operations going these difficult times. 

2 – Keep up the learning attitude and learn from someone experienced in the IT service hierarchy 

Likely, you have already made up your mind about being on an IT support service desk team for the long term. You may have a preconceived notion of the future path in mind. Or you can prefer not to. Shadowing someone in another agency will give you an understanding of their duties. It may also reassure you or frighten you, depending on how you respond. It will at least teach you what the other departments do every day. Additionally, this aims to train you about your future IT profession and encourage you to see all of your new IT activities’ fascinating things. 

Numerous IT support service desks compete with other IT departments. Working inside these departments, even if only for a short time, will help service desk analysts develop a greater view of the other side of the fence (and arguments). Experiencing these teams’ struggles fosters tolerance and can also result in a shift in inter-team working habits. Along with raising your inspiration, there is a chance of team-level progress – this time, thanks to increased teamwork.  

3 – Keep changing scenery and try applying the secondment 

It is great to act like someone else, but there’s even better news: playing like someone else in reality: It is valid, of course, to live in the other position. It is an excellent opportunity to offer you a fantastic experience and a short break from the traditional duties (and the associated pressures). 

It is a great chance for you to see if you would do this in the long term. Finally, aspects of “it’s not all roses” as a service analyst can be quite a pain in the butt. 

An externally trained employee in the IT service desk team would not have suited the bill because of the amount of time and resources it would have taken to get someone in. But you’re already in the ballpark with this experience, so you don’t need to start from scratch. It could be easier to hire a short-term replacement analyst than to substitute a long-term analyst. 

4 – Get on a project role 

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To the casual observer, “a little change here and there” may seem like the same as total change, but nothing in the world is the same. Taking on something new for a finite period of time, such as a longer secondment to a service project, can help you quit IT and relieve stress. Focusing on something outside your interest or importance can help prevent you from becoming bored when returning to your profession. 

The project role may be a good match for you as a way of providing top-notch IT service desk support, or you may find that you are great for it. If you’re on your own or with a squad, you’ll get noticed if you’re good at a project. 

Learnings regarding the new field (both industry and technology-related) and the project management methodology used. Whether professionally educated in them or are merely expected to obey them on others’ orders, can also be extended to the service desk setting to assist with day-to-day operations and development opportunities. 

5. Planning the career better and navigate the right path

Have you got nowhere to go? It is observed that this could be the cause of your lack of motivation. As the company undergoes transition, now is the perfect time to sit and consider where your career will go. Be free of preconceived notions. Start by describing what you aren’t willing to do, and then choose what you are willing to accept. You should try out anything and everything before you find something you love. 

Have you already reached your goals? There is only one choice now: to consider training and instruction to support you on your journey. As with earlier hints, these directions may be referred to for additional assistance. 

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