Step by Step Guide in Setting up an Outsourced Technical Support Team

Any company, large or small, cannot function without reliable technical support in today’s world. The most painstakingly crafted applications will sometimes fail to operate correctly; systems will crash, incompatibilities will emerge due to related software changes, and bugs found during testing will continue to cause havoc for your clients. 

It is unthinkable to run a company without technical support outsourcing companies for assistance when things go wrong. It takes time to troubleshoot technical issues while also calming distressed customers, and you cannot shut down anything else during that time. 

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Established business outsourcing firms will assist you in developing an idea, revenue-generating offshore technical support team. They will walk you through each move — from planning to hiring and training — and provide your team with modern office spaces and hardware. Choose an outsourcing destination of technical support outsourcing companies with well-established businesses, modern infrastructure, and a talented workforce with excellent English skills. 

Step-by-step process of hiring a technical support outsourcing company 

The following are some straightforward procedures for establishing an outsourced technical support team in the Philippines or elsewhere. 

#1. Assess your needs 

The first step is to evaluate your company to determine the technical support you need from technical support outsourcing companies. Depending on the nature of your company, you can require the following:  

  • Day-to-day network and enterprise application maintenance and help desk services.
  • A variety of experts for various software items 
  • A sizable team divided into inward and outward-facing positions. 

Once you have completed brainstorming and diagramming, and weighing the benefits of outsourcing technical support and drawbacks of specialized support outsourcing companies in your particular situation, create a wish list and a business plan that outlines how it would work together. 

#2. Set goals 

From the realistic to the aspirational, begin by collaborating with key stakeholders to define specific objectives for your tech support outsourcing project. Where are you falling behind at the moment? How do you build a better team out of technical support outsourcing companies that adapt to evolving business needs? Are you able to establish unique goal KPIs from the start with outsourced technical support? 

Several common outsourcing objectives include the following:  

  • Cost reduction 
  • Improved turnaround times 
  • Making the most of state-of-the-art tech support technologies with minimal investment 
  • Offloading the pressure of staying current on tech support trends.

#3. Choose the right outsourcing company  

Although the number of technical support outsourcing companies is emerging, not all of them are created equal. Conduct analysis. Ascertain that the providers you have shortlisted are reputable, well-established businesses with a solid, clear track record. Ideally, they will be able to point you to existing clients that have similar needs to yours; they will have vast pools of screened talent, and they will be able to advise you on team structure when hiring technical support outsourcing companies. 

By opting for a controlled operations outsourcing model, you will take advantage of outsourcing a technical support company’s well-equipped facilities and services while retaining leverage over your staff, which would essentially act as your workers. 

#4. Hire staff  

There is a great deal of strategy and skill in selecting an outsourcing agent, making it easier to handle the technical personnel after that. When you work for a trustworthy tech support firm, you will be able to hire suitable applicants from the pool of candidates your company’s pre-vetted resources. 

Before you begin to recruit for jobs to technical support outsourcing companies, make sure you have listed the qualities and experience you want and have already identified who the perfect applicants are. It is just an uphill battle if you are doing it all by yourself. 

#5. Train your staff 

Both your new outsourced tech support staff and your existing workforce need extensive training. Additionally, it must be compatible with the current setup’s workflow improvements. Although recruiting technical support outsourcing companies with expertise in your business or with the software you use will put you ahead of the curve, you must still provide simple procedures for call handling and problem resolution.  

Additionally, there should be detailed guidelines for the databases and server architecture and where and how to escalate problems across the support hierarchy. 

For an outward-facing tech support team to be successful, they must have access to a comprehensive collection of manuals that includes the following: 

  • Detailed information on all your products
  • A database of previous issues.
  • A robust communication model for your general customer service team.

It is a good idea to keep an online troubleshooting manual, or ‘knowledge book,’ updated as needed for the technical support outsourcing companies. It should provide information about where to find these tools and any possible issues that may arise, and recommendations for resolving them. 

Additionally, it will guide direct customers or colleagues to relevant online FAQ sites, forums, or video support. 

#6. Integrate the new team into your company 

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If they work as part of your business’s customer service team or as IT specialists for your other staff, your new outsourced tech support team will play a critical role in your organization. And they can flourish in an environment where they are included and feel a sense of belonging. 

Beginning with open contact once you have decided to outsource your job to technical support outsourcing companies, include your existing employees in forming your new team. And, once created, submit warm ‘virtual introductions’ via email or intranet. 

Employ the same onboarding services for new team members as you do for local employees. 

#7. Track progress and get feedback 

Trace the progress of your outsourced technical support team so you can ensure the new model is adequate. Any member of the team’s productivity would be easily visible to the management. 

Check the numbers periodically. You can also be surveying local employees and collecting customer input. Maintain in-person face-to-to-face meetings with your support staff to share achievements and work together to minimize your operations costs. 

These recommendations will assist you in beginning your path into technology support process outsourcing. However, you should adjust them to your specific circumstances. 

Carry out your due diligence, lay the foundations, and begin reaping the benefits of outsourced professional help.  

If you are uncertain about technical support outsourcing companies, why not consider talking to experts at expandFORCE? Discover we have helped businesses with the right resources and technology to drive growth.  

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