5 Top Soft Skills for IT Service Desk Agents and Why They are Important

The modern era has arrived, and it is transforming the way we live. This is true for various jobs, especially those requiring a high degree of repetitive manual work replaced by automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. One such function is the IT service desk strategy agent, who previously spent the bulk of their time manually tracking tickets, resolving, or triaging them to resolver teams, and chasing for ticket updates. 

Nowadays, chatbots can instantly address or log tickets, triage workflows can be streamlined, and tickets can be edited and closed without human intervention. 

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This does not mean that the IT service desk agent’s position is being eliminated; rather, it means that the role is evolving. With it, the skills necessary to succeed within the scope of IT service desk strategy. 

In every customer service job, soft skills were always critical. However, with the advent of digital, they have become critical – technological knowledge can be mastered by computers as well, so what about your people skills? That is where you can shine. 

Here are five top soft skills that can increase potential IT service desk agents’ attractiveness with this in view. 

1. Patience 

Since you are on the front lines, your patience will be constantly tested. As a result, you will have your fill. You might get an angry client called three times, and the problem may not be fixed. To summarize, there are two kinds of customers: those who have technological illiteracy regardless of orders and those who cannot comprehend the instructions even though you make them simpler. 

It may be that you are doing the same things again and again to resolve the same kind of event. Bearing in mind that these are just three examples of an IT service desk strategy for a help person’s daily concerns when enabling businesses with IT service desk outsourcing.  

2. Empathy 

Empathy is essential when serving on the IT support desk. As a part of global IT service desk agents, the job is to assist customers with technical problems, and these customers are often irritated or frustrated. 

Your client may be under pressure to reach a deadline, and the system they are using has failed, or they have misplaced their mobile device and are unsure how to report it as a part of a cohesive IT service desk strategy. Perhaps they have been working on a mission-critical file that they have lost access to. 

Whatever the problem or whoever the client, you must be able to put oneself in their shoes and collaborate with them to fix it. If you disagree with their position, answer with frustration, or ignore their concern as trivial, you will likely create tension and see your consumer satisfaction scores decline. 

3. Communication 

Interpersonal ability is essential for IT service agents because they must talk to various stakeholders to build relationships. You will communicate with people by email, telephone, and in-person, and you should do it precisely. 

You must also be a superb conversationalist and continuously practice active listener. Do not just nod and worry about how you can react. 

Empathy can be shown by active listening. Compassion comes through understanding others first before you feel for them because you cannot know what they are going through until you have a complete account of their story. The surest way to prove that you have heard what your customer says is to repeat it back, which defines the IT service desk strategy’s success. 

Providing first-line service support is all about being effective IT support, so go out of your way to reassure your customers that they are your primary concern. 

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4. Work Ethic 

Although this soft skill applies to any company’s job, it is worth noting because it is one that many people struggle with. If you can demonstrate a strong work ethic, you will already be ahead of the competition. However, what does this imply in the context of IT service desk outsourcing? 

A strong work ethic can be shown in a variety of ways: being on time, being prepared, taking on challenging work tasks, taking on work tasks that might feel “below” you, getting stuck in, getting engaged, going above and beyond at every opportunity, and more. 

All you need to do is show up and demonstrate your commitment to your job, which holds a significant significance in IT service desk strategy. Maintain a good attitude, be a pleasant person to have around, and do your best. 

5. Calm under pressure 

The ability to deal with stressful situations will often arise, so those who cannot be patient will not enjoy their time on the IT service desk support job. 

A day is sure to come when you are subject to significant stress. You may have a coworker who cannot respond quickly, the system may be down, the database is backing up, or the self-service queue is jammed up with customers. 

If both of these problems were coinciding, it would be impossible to deal with them. Calm and collected IT service agents are a part of a comprehensive IT service desk strategy that can handle several demands every day. 

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