Hiring ExpandForce Services: It’s like having your own IT department

Managing an in-house IT department can get quite overwhelming for some businesses, especially when their core offering is different. Most employees believe that ‘outsourcing’ may put their jobs in trouble, mainly when it is concerned with the IT department. Instead, consider IT operations working out like a partnership or adding extra staff for a business that is being outsourced.

Client Strength

 At ExpandForce, we are offering top-notch IT services for businesses to help them focus on carrying out critical business activities. Our goal is to provide maximum outsourcing advantages to your business as we put together some ideas to help you make a decision that creates an impact.

When you hire ExpandForce services, you are roping us in to contribute best for your business and that too, while ensuring cost efficiency and timely delivery. Consider us as your own IT department, albeit at some distance – high on impact and low and cost.

We Enable Cost Saving

It is a great idea to hire MSP and outsource the work, but do you know that hiring ExpandForce as a sole IT service provider can help save costs? Our reliable IT services can cost you less than running a dedicated IT team within your infrastructure as our team also helps control the cost by offering tailored services. You can choose to pay monthly or monthly or opt for top-up services for immediate attention and response.

The hiring of an external IT firm can also save your enterprise money by profiting from a significant commitment to recruit, train, and maintain a team in tough times. Our IT professionals are highly affordable yet knowledgeable, who can work as an extension to your already existing core business team.

We offer you a range of IT and technology services, which is otherwise impossible to manage, considering the setup costs and expenditure in equipment and infrastructure. With ExpandForce at help, you can also have more office space for your employees, which ultimately reduces resource requirements, maintenance, and staff costs.

Risk Associated with in-house IT department.

Most advanced IT companies may already have effective hacking protocols in place as long as outsourcing is concerned. They would keep a mixed cloud, web, and on-site authorization network is an example of rising hacking risks. Moreover, a multi-factor authentication system is introduced for servers and password management systems applicable to applications. This helps to extract passwords from incoming applications and scripts for hardcoded and understandable text accounts. Without human intervention, this authentication method safely removes passwords from programs and scripts. This enables companies to comply with safety and compliance policies.

Since you are dealing with the company’s critical information, you need to be extra cautious as any small lapse in vigilance may prove costly. Therefore, one of the best ways to address the IT security issue is to have an external IT department that can create temporary privileged permits for your cloud-based and on-site structures to significantly reduce attack risk. An outsourced team at ExpandForce remains equipped with encrypted storage of all passwords on the site to keep your team and web up to date.

Moreover, we also offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with a dedicated team to help businesses recover from any significant technological disaster. Our expertise involves dealing in network infrastructure, hardware setup, data management, applications, and plenty of other infrastructure recovery schemes. With ExpandForce, you are guaranteed a best-in-class Disaster Recovery Plan customized for your organization’s size and nature. Many small businesses may fail to document such a plan, and here’s where our knowledge and experience come to play. We help businesses write down the program and effectively implement the strategy when the time comes to apply it for the company’s betterment.

ExpandForce Support

Know how IT services providers like ExpandForce enable you to measure the impact of all the efforts that a team puts into the business. As your IT partner, we have a set of clear goals to meet your business needs, and our team would already have its accountability plan in place.

Your critical systems will only be monitored during working hours, and that too quite minimally if you an internal IT Team. But outsourcing IT to ExpandForce ensures round-the-clock monitoring as our engineers are located in three different locations worldwide so that we can keep a close watch all the time. Our team would also work to install software updates, patches, and antivirus updates, make data back-ups, and audit the system as and when required.

And if you or your team is stuck anywhere, our team is a call away as our support team is there to assist clients 24/7.

ExpandForce Services

  • Managed IT Staff: Hire professional offshore IT workers to minimize control and repair costs for your networks, servers, and computers.
  • IT Support Resources: Get the support for a range of IT services to help your business run smoothly, as we ensure physical and virtual presence.
  • Cloud Computing Experts: Providing cloud computing specialists with data centers to store your crucial data frees you from hardware and maintenance costs.
  • IT Consultancy: IT consultants include business analysis, app and software development, data management, QAs, and other networking assistance.
  • Cybersecurity Consultancy: Recruiting a team of cybersecurity experts at ExpandForce means enabling your business to be confident about preventing infringements, cyberattacks, and other identity thefts.
  • Custom software development: Developers at ExpandForce help tailor software to meet particular project requirements while being cost-effective and keeping your software flexible and scalable.

Talk to ExpandForce experts and get started with hiring your own IT team. We will be glad to discuss your work scope, end-goals, business vision, and IT requirements.

Let’s begin! Call: (954) 271-5970 or Email: info@expandforce.com

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