The questions you need to ask your back office offshoring provider

Outsourcing back-office tasks puts pressure on the local staff, allowing them more time to concentrate on high-value, complex revenue-generating projects. When you choose the precise meaning for your business, a high-volume, process-oriented team will execute tasks just as proficiently as your workers but at a fraction of the cost. 

Offshore outsourcing of back-office tasks such as accounting and data processing is common. In reality, a third party can easily carry out virtually any role that does not require face-to-face contact with customers. Several back-office functions are well suited to offshoring, from finance and payroll to human capital, marketing, and personal assistance. 

Selecting the best offshoring provider for your business 

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It is crucial to make your decision based not just on the provider’s quality but also on their ability to meet your organization’s specific needs when choosing an offshoring provider. A good offshoring company will participate in experimentation and advise whether they feel that some work is unsuitable for offshore outsourcing or do not believe that their team members can offer the services you are looking for. 

Ideally, offshore software outsourcing offers a range of services that help businesses resolve business queries on time. In a way, you can ask potential suppliers a variety of questions to help you decide whether they can provide the quality of service and support you need guaranteed success. 


Initially, some basic questions you may ask are whether their workers work at home or in an office and whether they operate 24/7. It’s important to decide what resources are in place to ensure that employees stay 100 percent of the time online and efficient and how they are monitored, so you know that you’re going to get value for money. 

Holidays and leaves 

You will need to know when your team members will be available to you and not be available to you, so find out what public holiday schedule they will be working on, how much paid leave they will get, and sick days. Offshore services can handle the extra expenses associated with public holidays and welfare benefits workers are eligible for. 


It would help if you were assured that there are appropriate security protocols in place for your outsourcing provider. You would need to know what security measures and infrastructure they use for data, security, and privacy protection. How do you ensure that workers do not use cell phones and USB drives and cannot access cloud-based systems and software outside of the department? It would also be useful to know if data abuses have occurred in the past. 

Human resources and recruitment 

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Outsourced workers can only be engaged and excited about work if they are handled equally by the contractor, so be sure to inquire about employee satisfaction, employee retention, performance evaluations, and productivity reporting. Find out about their recruiting processes to reassure that the provider will have quality workers – how they select the best candidate for the position, what testing is done on candidates, and what happens if a team member turns out to be inappropriate. 

You can also decide how many hours a day the workers can work for your company, whether they are a dedicated partner. IT offshore outsourcing also helps and how the supplier handles your staff’s job ambitions while maintaining your company’s sustainability. In other words, for whatever period you need, you want to know that your offshore team members will be loyal to you. 

Invoicing and account management 

There are some practical things that you must consider too. What currency is invoiced by the provider, and how are exchange rates managed? Do you have an account manager in your country? Ensure that all contract details such as hidden costs and minimum contract terms are notified. Finally, you need to inquire about offshore software outsourcing company about the warning period and termination payments if things don’t work between you and the supplier. 

Start recruiting an outsourced back office team. 

Regardless of the positions and level of expertise you need, expandFORCE will help you develop a dedicated offshore team. We provide offshore software development in the USA, with hundreds of trained staff across three fulfillment centers.

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