6 Software Development Trends for 2021

The year 2020 has been a unique one, with COVID-19 disrupting the market and economy. As far as software is concerned, the need for robust software has increased. Security was a big concern, and tools for web-based communication also witnessed a massive surge. But as the year ends, it is time to look forward and speculate about the future.

Software and mobile development have now become necessary for a company’s growth and success. And as we approach the end of 2020 and welcoming 2021, it is evident that everyone who has the arsenal of cutting-edge software technology will be at the top of the corporate fight this year.

The dynamics of software and mobile growth trends of 2021 dominate our programming languages and many other aspects.

Here are the 6 top software development trends to watch out for in the year 2021.

#1. Increase in native apps

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It is almost unanimously accepted that the domination of native applications is one of the top trends in software development for 2021.

A native app is designed for a particular mobile platform (typically, iOS or Android.) They respond to growing mobile usability requirements and demand for faultless mobile experiences.

Native apps encourage software developers to discover and explore a device’s full potential. This means better protection, better performance, and a personalized user interface.

Therefore, the increasing demand for native apps will continue throughout 2021.

#2. Interest in progressive web apps will continue.

Native applications are not the only app that features on the 2021 tech development trends list. Another trend is that Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are unlikely to eliminate quickly.

The website’s convenience and usability merge advanced online applications with the design and user interface. You don’t need downloads from app stores. They don’t even take your mobile memories. As the demand for seamless mobile experiences continues to increase, the emphasis on PWAs will begin in 2021.

#3. Big Data Computing — Heart of data mining Apache Spark

Previously, the method used for computing large-scale data sets was Hadoop Map-Reduce. The current software development trends suggest that Apache Spark has now taken over the Distributed Batch Job and enhanced the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Moreover, Apache Spark has directly targeted Hadoop Map-Reduce limitations. It processes all in memory rather than saving data after each operation. Spark is expected to reign over the platform for batch processing in 2021 and perhaps later.

#4. AI will stay in the spotlight

The software development provider will consider artificial intelligence, as there are no new trends that can take it over for now.

AI is a longstanding technology dream that is beginning to come true for businesses. Coupled with machine learning and continuous engineering activities, AI is developing and becoming much more common by 2021 to refine business processes.

One of the 2021 patterns for software development involves a continuous change in AI functionality’s use and development. Software developers will pivot resources on using new functions such as machine learning and image recognition for the time to come.

#5. Role of Managed Service Provider

The role of a managed service provider will amplify in software development services. These businesses will enable enterprises to leverage the true potential of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google cloud services, which is bound to influence the tear 2021. Every company seems to be turning cloud vendors from a tiny start-up to conservative businesses such as health, governments, banks, insurance, and intelligence agencies.

This pattern increases only as more businesses of all sizes switch to Cloud in 2021. So perhaps, it would be time to leave your local, physical servers and change to the cloud to stay on top of the game and outperform competitors.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google cloud vendors offer free credits to provide a hands-on cloud experience.

#6. Remote Working Environment

The current pandemic has made people sit in their homes’ comfort and look for more straightforward ways to get things done. This is where software development requirements will witness a surge as more and more people continue to work from home in the next year as a week. Such a scenario will also demand a dedicated software development provider who can enable WFH technologies to drive better results and efficiency.

There is a high demand for services that can assist and accommodate remote workers. Computer systems will also focus on connectivity and cooperation while negating the security issues of remote work.

Every year patterns in software development shift, and the same holds for the next year. Additional programming languages can contribute to software development where the older languages are lost. A significant software powerhouse will fall, and another one may rise. This has been the way for technologies and software development regardless of the industry that the businesses deal with. The software industry is one of the most dynamic ones and can still affect most industries and redefine business competition.

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