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7 Common Misconception about Offshore

Recruitment Company

Most of the companies recruit staff on their own that may require them to set-up a hiring team. Sometimes, this activity may demand a dedicated team on its own that shoots up the operational costs. Instead, getting it outsourced is the best way to cut the costs and also ensure getting the right team in place. The advantage of human resources outsourcing for recruiting is immense, be it from being cost-effective or skill-based hiring. While there are advantages, there are a few myths that surround offshore recruitment. Take a look at those and see how ExpandForce bursts the top 5 myths associated with the recruiting companies.

Poor quality of talent

Accessing the talent merely on skills and experience on an individual-basis gets tough to begin recruiting. One of the common misconceptions about offshore recruitment companies is that they end up getting poor, cheap talent, curated without considering the expertise.

Myth Buster:

Team ExpandForce does something that these (mis)believers miss out on is the tools and technology that we, as an offshore recruitment company, equip ourselves with to get the right talent. It includes collaborating with other recruiters, nurturing talent by keeping in touch and providing updated resources to keep the employees skilled.

Costs are Uncontrollable

The best way to define contention through pricing. And one of the most common misconceptions about offshore recruitment companies is that the prices once fixed are difficult to alter and modify. It also makes them hold a notion that recruiting companies charge them to sponsor back-office in a remote location. But what they fail to see is the curation and efforts that go into setting up a team with the right infrastructure.

Myth Buster:

We have a chain of suppliers for everything that we need on routine at ExpandForce. It helps us to keep the costs down and thereby getting the best talent and resources at a relatively steeper rate. It helps us to sustain finances and tap in the right talent at competitive pricing. Also, we allow contract modifications based on requirements.

Communication is full of hurdles

What the hirers believe of the offshore recruitment company is that the resources will be inaccessible when needed. Enabling proper communication channels and responsibility thereof lies with the employers and that the offshore talent is always looking for ways to go offline or stay away. Many believe that communication is difficult due to loss of network connection, poor IT support at the other end, and plenty of other operational reasons.

Myth Buster:

With ExpandForce, this is not the case. Our resources are highly efficient in taking onus to communicate project update along with regular work status over Skype, Slack, MS Teams, or any such channel. Also, our offshore recruiting involves providing the employees with the right tools and technology that help them stay in touch with clients effortlessly.

There exist cultural differences

Most of the hiring companies are looking for a talent that is the right fit for their company’s culture. Another offshore recruitment service myths and misconception are that of not hiring people over a certain age.

They often feel that people above a certain age won’t be able to adapt to their company’s culture of offshore working. Apart from the adaptability, there are also issues like unable to identify the company’s intention rooted in its historic working patterns and approach to proven methods. So, it is often falsely believed that offshore recruitment will not yield a culture-fit talent.

Myth Buster: 

At ExpandForce, we recruit talent after a thorough check and also from the various cultural background. Most often, we go for dynamic personalities that match the skillset at well. Our recruiters access the candidate based on a couple of personality tests as well to identify where and how they can fit.

There are no dedicated resources

Most companies consider offshore recruiting agencies as someone who has the same people working on multiple projects and multitasking. There is a common notion that these people are no experts and not dedicated to a single client. They also consider such outsourcing powerhouse.

As someone who thrives on mass-hiring to offer competitive pricing in the industry. Ultimately, it leads to a low submittal-to-hire ratio, and instead of going for onshore recruiters turns out to be a better bet.

Myth Buster:

Fortunately, we can keep our heads high when it comes to driving results and deliverability as an ORC. When we say ‘dedicated,’ we mean it. Our exclusive resource allocation – people and technology make us the go-to company for anyone who is looking for trained, cultured individuals. We ensure our recruitment to be an extension of your current onshore team that boosts their submittal-to hire-ratio. Our continuous screening activities consider leveraging the best available talent who possess in-demand skills to later put them in a project for clients to render those.

It all boils down to choosing the offshore recruitment company for hiring that guarantees top resources. Check their expertise and experience in serving a range of industries. It gives an idea of whether or not they can help you with the project requirement. For us, at ExpandForce, hitting industry benchmarks is a routine task thanks to our years of experience in assisting companies from across the globe. We select the best fitting candidates for the job from various countries, and it helps us to recruit personnel at competitive rates from India, the Philippines, and the US. A testament of being the best Offshore Recruitment Service Providers in Florida is the quality of clients we have worked with and that too regularly.

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