Is Your IT Team Swamped? IT Staff Augmentation is the Secret Weapon

A key decision-maker in the company will need to be more aware of the company. The business will require you to spend time on strategy, preparation, product creation and service development, customer support, partner projects, distribution, procurement, management of finance and resources, and many other mundane tasks. The backbone of everything that you run for utmost efficiency is your IT system. Every robust IT project’s success depends on the company’s capacity to deliver on time and budget. Project work in-house can be the right solution but can be risky and costly many times.

IT requires a change in the company with technical advances. Today, if the business continues to rely on outdated legacy systems, it isn’t easy to survive. As a result, businesses are pursuing IT services from local or third-party organizations, and one of the critical services is staff augmentation.

Consider Staff Augmentation as a way to fill up the skill and knowledge gap in the organization. Such a holistic process involves top-level professionals contributing to the individual project negating all the possible costs incurred in hiring any new full-time talent.

The working of Staff Augmentation


The process of Staff Augmentation involves recruiting experienced and skilled employees with appropriate skill sets. It’s like using temporary employees or contractors to work in business short-term roles. A professional service provider like ExpandForce does most of the IT hiring wherein we maintain the database having a pool of handpicked talent.

Our Staff Augmentation provides you with a rich database and helps match credentials and skillsets with the role requirements. Also, the working process involves evaluating existing skills and ensure whether the added skills are needed and whether the same can be addressed over a turnkey process.

Most of your IT team can be swamped by sitting idle or delay the workings because they lack specific skills. That’s when you can turn to our staff augmentation services and get back on track with your required work. Through staff augmentation, offshore IT staffing offers affordable and timely completion of projects while also plummeting the need for high-end resources.

Today’s technological changes are rapid and furious, and it isn’t easy to keep your IT team up-to-date and trained on everything. You may not have the resources to recruit, employ, and train other members of your in-house team when you need technology to gain a competitive edge, produce a new software product or update, adapt or change systems, networks, databases, applications, integration environment or other technology components.

Perhaps the time has come to look for an offshore outsourcing company to increase the number of IT personnel to help your business achieve critical objectives. You can get on-site, off-site, or hybrid IT staffing solutions from ExpandForce and experience the power of skilled IT resources and 24/7 support services.

Choose from a range of IT Services for your business to boost your growth by 2X

– Managed IT Staff
– IT Support Resources
– IT Consultancy Expert
– Cloud Computing Experts
– Cyber Security Consultants
– Custom Software Developers

Render the following key benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Tight Budget: The main advantage of the rise in IT employees is that there are hardly any recruiting formalities. The company also does not waste precious time and resources on training, background checks, and on-boarding.

Reducing Work Load: The in-house team’s workload is the will, and their work performance can be improved.

Scalability: The increase in Staff helps the company to rise and fall without payroll obligations. Also, it allows changing team size based on sales upturns or customer needs.

Cost Reduction: The increase in personnel is a pay-as-you-need model where you pay the rate by multiplying hours worked without any continuous commitment. It can help your company reduce the overhead costs of full-time recruitment, such as benefits and taxes.

For some enterprises, the increase of personnel has become the secret instrument for accessing the skills or managerial resources needed.

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