Stay true to Customer Promises during times of Uncertainty

There is plenty at stake in the unpredictable times for both – businesses and consumers. Although substantial commitment continues to be an essential component of consumer loyalty growth, an unprecedented shake-up such as the current COVID-19 pandemic is crucial for a firm commitment strategy to a business’ future success.

Economic and business disruptions are nothing new, but supply chains are now increasingly stressed in various ways. Constraints in supply coupled with the technological limitations and drastic shifts to the demand mix are just some of the obstacles businesses face, and overnight transitions from physical to online shopping speak volumes of why it is important to engage the customer in times of uncertainty. If you have made promises to the customers, then no matter what, you need to stand real to your words even during the tough times. It all begins with the seismic changes in compliance, responds to the larger enterprise’s capacity, and still has your team meet and keep customer promises.

One way to address the challenging times is to have an IT outsourcing solution for the business to cater to growing customer demands. Disruption management will continue to be an essential subject among supply chain leaders for years to come, especially in the post-pandemic phase that demands businesses to stay true to the customers. Here are some of the early insights and coups to better handle disruption that enhance the customer experience in times of uncertainty.

Providing a smarter, end-to-end visibility

Proactive enterprises need to take quick actions when responding to uncertainty—for example, pivoting supply to other distribution lines from affected areas so that end-users are not affected. However, the capacity to produce enough finished goods would be hindered if the raw materials still are manufactured in the affected region. Intelligent end-to-end visibility across the supply chain is possible if you are rendering the full benefits of technology. Sometimes, your business is not well-prepared to deal with a drastic change; you will need to have IT solutions for business in such a case.

Incorporating technology can help you with the customer information, orders, and inventory across both supply and demand channels and recognizing potential issues to build successful contingency plans. You can take advantage of several methods to face multi-layered problems with a clear understanding of how the company works every day.

Here are a few of the many things you can do to build deep connections with your customers that ensures fulfilling their promises:

Effective business communications

Tell what they want to listen to

You will need to strategize how you want to spread critical business information to customers. There are still businesses that would make a routine post on social media without considering what their audience would like to consume. Turn around and offer what people want to see. This is one way to show that you care, and often, how you talk matters when it comes to trusting your business.

Make interactions easy

  1. Be more active on sites like Instagram or Facebook, where customers can tell you directly.
  2. Figure out where your clients spend much of their time and begin to invest in these channels.
  3. Provide quick answers amid all the sounds in the world of social media.

Build interactive webinars and training courses to offer value and demonstrate your product or service relevance. Also, think of creating easy-to-understand FAQs to allow customers to purchase decisions faster and more comfortably.

Prioritizing the authenticity and transparency in partner communication.

Companies undertake this path through digital disruption; they explore innovative strategies to improve efficiencies and resilience while retaining confidence and accountability with providers. Technologies such as AI and blockchain will help provide more in-depth perspectives to understand better and resolve impacts and disputes.

For example, these insights can be applied for optimizing processes that keep customers at the center stage. The businesses can ensure ecosystem transparency to discover and link quickly to alternative sources of confidence.

Better contingency planning for continuous value delivery

Disruption is unavoidable. Yet, it was never more important for the consumers to get what they need than now since – when and where they need it. Planning for contingency can help manage and optimize the deliverables better by improving business processes. As stores are no longer a conduit to satisfy consumer requirements, your online presence becomes an integral part of your business – not just in sales but also in compliance with customer preferences.

Robust enterprises are the one that invests in business continuity preparation and believes in creatively resolving the multi-layered problems with IT outsourcing solution.

Businesses who dare to prepare and are willing to prioritize their customers over anything else can come out a winner by engaging customers in the time of uncertainty. You can create the inventory, order-fulfillment, and completion centers to create a stable footing to promote growth.

Now, fulfilling the customers’ promise does not mean that it should come at the cost of your employees’ well-being. Therefore, when it comes to optimizing internal processes for enhanced customer experience, try looking outward. IT outsourcing solution provides you with the right answer to cater to the growing demands.

Try gauging your requirements beforehand and rope in expandFORCE experts who have experts to cater to your needs. Just as you promise your customers top-notch delivery, we, too, have been doing that for over a decade. Get started with the key managed IT service that gives you an edge over the competitors.


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