Top IT Outsourcing Trends in 2020

IT outsourcing is becoming a highly acceptable business strategy that has businesses from across the globe looking for an ideal solution. Part of the reason is that small and medium businesses are becoming strategic powerhouses and more impact-oriented. Such a dynamic environment is a result of constant innovation and expansion in the field of IT. 

There are more opportunities for businesses to stay focused and cost-effective with IT outsourcing. Also, the latest trends in IT outsourcing put more emphasis on models that are multifunctional and expanding the network of service providers. 

Here are the top IT outsourcing trends to look out for in 2020: 

New destinations in IT outsourcing 

India and China are leading the outsourcing market at present with more EMEA region entrants waiting to enter in 2020. The highest share of global outsourcing will split as IT professionals are blooming in other parts of the world. 

The competition is expected to come from. 

– Philippines 

– India 

– Brazil 

South American Nations and Central & Eastern European countries are shaping up to replace the current workforce. It is an expected change but battling a quality yet low-labour costs of Asian countries is a difficult task. 

But then, those looking for a high level of technical expertise and experience may opt for central European nations like Poland, Ukraine, and Czech. These countries charge around $20-$50 (per hour). 

Virtual Reality The AR/VR market was valued at over $3 billion half a decade back, but it is expected to shoot up over $76 billion by the end of next year. The rise of VR technology may face a few hurdles, but it is bound to scale up the business in a longer run. The IT outsourcing trends in 

2020 will have companies looking for viable VR options that blend other technologies to outperform competitors. Next-gen IT outsourcing in VR includes. 

  • Detecting 3D objects for product innovation 
  • Measurement rendering and updating 
  • Enabling refined gesture recognition 
  • Appending new controls and roles within the organization 

Virtual store owners looking to take the market by the storm will be opting to outsource their AR/VR store virtualization projects. Such immersive technologies will help to shape brand identity and create more touchpoints for prospective and current buyers to connect to sellers. 

Higher demand for skilled developers 

New talents will require digital transformation to stay on top of their game. Many businesses are retaining talent without any upgrades and training. It will rot the resources as the world outside keeps moving at pace. Lack of skill will force your business to stay the same page for years. 

On the contrary, IT outsourcing companies have talent that evolves with time. Working with multiple progressive organizations will push them to stay updated with the latest technology. They are often equipped with the training to top-up their skills and learn some new ones. 

Most businesses look for college graduates, but they miss out on trained individuals. Trends in outsourcing will skew towards strategy-driven skills that help businesses to achieve their goals. And bridging the skill-based supply-demand gap is becoming crucial to the driving growth. For this reason, companies looking for quick expansion and widen their scope of offerings would expand their search radius oversees for outsourcing. Most of them will hunt down the tech booming countries where a big set of the talent pool is available. 

While all three key points discussed above are crucial, specialization in every aspect is key to moving forward. The IT outsourcing trends in 2020 will be more about finding the right niche and providing focused services specific to a particular industry. Plenty of outsourcing businesses deal with almost every other industry that may create bottlenecks in decision making. It is the reason why having an industry-specific team with necessary; specialized skills will be far more lucrative for businesses to hire. 

That’s precisely what ExpandForce does for your business. As an IT outsourcing company, we channelize our efforts on a specific field to make them pioneers in processes. For instance, if you are looking for cloud technology partners, we have a dedicated CloudShore team that looks after it. 

Talk to our experts and start your outsourcing journey today: (954) 271-5970 

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