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Extend Your Reach with Our Global Teams

Business expansion is spreading global reach serves an exciting prospect for many companies and an urgent, sometimes stressful reality for others. There’s a joy of exploring the new markets and tapping in lucrative, productive streams while it requires businesses to invest smartly for a better ROI.

It all begins with revamping the product development with the intent of “Going Global,” thereby enabling strategic maneuvering of internal processes. This is when organizations will need better teams. There will be requirements for global IT outsourcing experts to enable deeper penetration in every market you enter without compromising the core business activities.

For small and emerging enterprises, global development is a significant undertaking that may disrupt existing business activities. Therefore, CEOs and business managers need to understand the full impact and determine whether the benefits outweigh the risks. In addition to the global initiative, stakeholders across the organization will have additional responsibilities to continue exercising day-to-day activities. And since the backend of any global expansion is IT, the businesses will need leading IT service providers like ExpandForce.

Here’s how hiring the best IT outsourcing expert can help you in your global endeavors.

Focus on target markets
Your product or service can be easily made available everywhere. But in a new market, meaningful business requires close and often long-term attention. Choose the markets you want to explore, and we will have our dedicated IT team to cater to your global prospects. Lunching into the new market would require a dedicated cybersecurity expert team to ensure data safety and security. The goal is to study the market better and plunge into new opportunities with the necessary confidence.


Data-Backed Decisions
Each country’s market is unique, and what works in one market will not necessarily work in another. That’s where our team of IT experts comes handy to let your team do all the research work and analyze the trends better without facing any technical glitches. After all, it pays to understand your new customer holistically. Time and again, we have delivered businesses with the necessary technology and resources to scale to different countries smoothly.

Rope in Partners to Extend your Presence
Being a significant local player, you may get tempted to expand to any new country with a similar playbook. But that’s not always the right strategy. You will need a staff augmentation service provider in the USA if you are based out of this country and then looking to penetrate different markets. The best route is to have global partners like ExpandForce who can take the workload you need to dig deeper into the international markets.

Careful Planning with Risk Mitigation
Most businesses would jump into the new market with the right intent and fail to deliver the results because of the lack of knowledge about the new country and strategic gaps that can have management limping the quarters in a new land. Part of the reason is the lack of dedicated staff for planning and implementation. It requires careful selection of new talent and gives them adequate training.Risk Mitigation - Expandforce

Instead, you can choose staff augmentation services offered by ExpandForce and mitigate the risk of wrong hiring in the new country. Our versatile team has tons of experience working with businesses across cultures, enabling them to fit in at any place.

Create Your Beachhead Team
Many global companies try to start with parent company managers or quickly build a local team from scratch. It takes time, it is risky, and testing waters often requires patience. You can do otherwise to have the team Expand Force pivot their resources to create a beachhead team for the expansion. This way, you can validate assumptions quickly and push key readiness initiatives as the business starts hiring the right senior team gradually.
1. Buy some time in hiring senior interim managers with deep domain skills or choose the interim management outsourcing with ExpandForce for executive management organizations.
2. Have a team that can help you set up the financial infrastructure while leveraging consider outsourcing to a global   IT outsourcing expert.
3. Set yourself free from engaging in a permanent team hiring in a new country.

No need to find new talent or filling gaps
We understand that companies must not be limited to local talent when hiring. That’s

Talented Skill - Expandforcewhy ExpandForce goes beyond the borders as the IT experts unlock cross-border collaboration with the right technology and real-time work deliveries without the delays. Software for document sharing and project management suites maintain the alignment and tasks of international teams. IT security and network protection enhance end-to-end connections so that employees can work from anywhere securely.

We leverage the modern workplace ecosystem by extending the reach of our tools to everyone who works with us. Even if the business requires a local talent, we can get you one in the USA, Philippines, and India, depending on the job requirement.

Make your global presence more meaningful by keeping your roots local through outsourcing the tasks. Ensure you plunge into the market with the right resources and talent that matches your overall corporate strategy objectives. To realize this goal better, talk to ExpandForce experts who can help you navigate the broad global networks and the global talent pool we offer at all levels.

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