How to Find the Right Outsourcing Company?

You are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing the right outsourcing partner for your business. It is also becoming a norm in today’s time, with more businesses comprehending the need for outsourcing as a part of the growth strategy. There’s a lot that you need to consider for your business when deciding to choose the right IT outsourcing company. Thorough research and assessment of the company is the first step towards getting things done offsite. But most of it depends on the value that an outsourcing company can bring on the table. You should be looking to onboard a partner who aligns with your current and near-future requirements. The key is to have the right IT outsourcing partner who can negate or at least minimize the forecasted business risk.

It is obvious to consider factors like efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness when choosing the outsourcing company in the US. Though your business is in urgent need of an outsourcing company, you should be taking steps cautiously as you are in search. Do not rush into making agreements based on a few initial conversations. Never surrender to mediocre service providers who can only offer a standard set of solutions. They might even lack the basic required knowledge about your business and target audience. Here are some important tips to consider when choosing the right outsourcing company to avoid such issues.

Start with Gap Analysis

A project manager is occupied with the task of performing gap analysis that involves comparing actual business performance to expected performance. Performing gap analysis is useful in identifying the bottlenecks and loopholes in the current methodology. It is where you’d decide what exactly the outsourcing company can do for your business and results to expect.

Here are a few things that you should consider as a part of the expectation setting for an outsourcing company.

  • Methods used for performing business activities.
  • Comparing current execution scenarios versus the expected outcomes
  • SWOT analysis to identify metrics roadblocks for which the outsourcing company will work.
  • Redefining process for better outputs.

The idea is to come up with a set of funnelled data points that can be used to check the process performance and business position. If you are wondering how to choose the right outsourcing company in the US, then talk to such companies to help you address your gap analysis. For example, CloudShore takes an immersive journey in your company and dwell on your current database to customize their offerings. Such inputs help you get started in the right direction and enable moving in the right direction.

Counting the Cost

Recruiting an outsourcing company is the best way to go beyond doing just the daily task and channelize your efforts towards making business decisions that matters. Also, a lot depends on the services you look to render from the outsourcing company and the costs associated with it. It is easy to get lured by the contract workers situated in the developing countries who’d charge anything under $10/hour. The downside is compromising the quality. Such cost-cutting oriented decisions may fireback because you get what you pay for. Also, it does not make sense to invest heavily in performing everyday tasks.

Try being cost-efficient with the right outsourcing partner where you leverage the currency difference but not to a point where you get substandard services. Begin with placing more emphasis on output than the number of hours charged because some outsourcing companies would not deliver results and keep charging you for work that adds no value. Set output-based agreements which are task-based when evaluating new IT service providers. Aim to translate that trust and rapport to render services on a fixed-cost retainer.

Ideally, you should do a reverse calculation of how much of an ROI do you consider as an ideal for your business. And accordingly, you invest in your technology partner. Rather than allocating the budget to squeeze the vendors out, having a set ROI and communicating the same to outsourcing companies would help set up the right expectations.

Industry Experience and Portfolio

Different industry verticals will have its distinctive business processes. Wrong hiring that involves a team of industry-agnostic testers and engineers will slow the turnaround process. Therefore, having the best outsourcing team who is experienced in your industry makes a lot of difference as they’d know the business processes and audiences better. Such a team is bound to bring efficiency and reliability to the extent that you can leave the expertise on them and focus on performing crucial business activities.

And even if you are choosing the industry experts, get familiar with the portfolio well before you rope them in. Having an industry-specific hands-on experience and large clientele from your domain can prove this partnership highly resourceful to both. Make sure you check their reviews and customer complaints available online to make a sound decision. Check them out on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms to get acquainted with their capabilities and limitations.

Find the right outsourcing company based on the metrics mentioned above. While these are not the exhaustive parameters, a lot would revolve around the key points mentioned above. Talk to ExpandForce experts to know their capabilities and discuss the scope of work as we stand as one of the most dynamic outsourcing companies in the USA.

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