How to Lock in the Full 70% Cost Savings of Offshoring and Maximize Productivity

There are many small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand and compete for a more significant market share. Outsourcing IT services is one of the best ways to get started in the right direction. Getting the business towards cost-saving would require them to identify the cost of outsourcing IT services by comparing it with on-site, full-time hiring. On the other hand, there are instances of enterprise losing both – time and money while risking both. This happens when outsourcing partners’ quality levels drop over time and may leave customers and employees disgruntled. 

But again, this is the choice that every business will need to make, and it is not something that you should write off. If offshoring is handled the right way, it can make a lot of sense.  

And you can’t afford to dismiss it out of hand when it’s possible to save 70% on prices, improve efficiency, and open the gateway to a broader playing field. 

The question is, how do you do it right so that it’s not a complete mess? Well, it depends… hand shake

Who are you and what do you want? 

If you’re still very limited, project-based outsourcing might be the solution for you, only farming out the odd job here or there, using freelancers as needed. Or you could integrate your company offshore and set up an office yourself, entirely from scratch, if you have the capital and contacts in a specific country. 

But none of those is likely to fit for most small to medium-sized companies looking to take the next step. The first will not grow your company, and the second will most likely bankrupt it.  And this leaves the business with two options: 

You can outsource anything or go in between. Both options are listed below. 

 1. Outsourcing the lot (the BPO model)

A local firm runs the whole thing with this model. You are wholly hands-off as outsourcing IT services in the USA will run a significant part of your business while working remotely. How can anyone else entirely run some part of your carefully designed company with no input from you? Such operations come naturally to the outsourcing companies as they are in the business for a long and they do so without negotiating the quality. 

You’re probably great at what you’re doing, and that is why your business is a big success, having survived all the odds. The next step might involve expanding the business step by step while ultimately handing over its parts. 

But in another world, what do you know about running a business? Practically, it means that you must stick to what matters the most to our firm.

2. The best of both worlds (managed operations)

In your scenario, the best alternative is called controlled processes. Your overheads are manageable in a place where you operate an offshore office, but you do it in conjunction with a controlled operations provider. Later, more on them. 

Run operations are much simpler than doing it all yourself, and the rewards can be significant if you can do your bit and team up with the right provider for outsourcing IT services in the USA. 

Run activities are far from being hands-off. Remember that your outsourced team is a part of the squad, including people in your office who do not adequately fill the dishwasher. Or maybe they do – never let them go in that case. 

Blending in the work culture 

You must be able to spend time and money on a new home team. This means selecting the right people, educating them, and introducing them to the company’s culture. 

Are there any lunches for team building? Are workers paid for family business days? Encouraged by fun contests? Did you think about and record your processes and goals to get new members on board quickly? What is your team driving? What are your priorities and the ethos of your company? 

It might be thousands of miles away from your new office, but the wonders of modern technology mean you can still be in touch all the time. Connections with offshore outsourcing teams should be fostered, and good communication incorporated must be incorporated on a day-to-day basis. While doing this, you ensure no compromises when it comes to focusing on your main business activity.  

Ensure that outsourcing IT services does involve experienced service providers who are familiar with local laws and regulations, taxes, governmental standards, and so on that you may have to comply with. 

Working TeamChoosing the right managed offshoring partner. 

As prepared as you are, the secret to successfully offshoring your company is finding the right partner. That’ll be someone with in-depth local knowledge and on-the-ground experience. They will need to be in line with your ambitions and dedicated to expanding your company to the same high level you already insist on with your home teams. 


Team expandFORCE is well known for drawing the best candidates from abroad, a well-qualified talent pool. We keep them fitted to the business domain while maintaining the facilities in suitable places, with breakrooms, training rooms, and modern comfort. This pushes the talent to perform their best coupled with putting the efforts to improve their skills and expertise. 

We also provide our team with a stable communications system that drives integration and ensures the regular running of and contingency planning so that you are never left high and dry when in dire need of quality resources. 

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