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An enterprise’s best friend is technology. One way to stay efficient and leverage the best of the technology includes having an IT support desk or assistance desk that provides a single point of contact. This is to ensure that your technological concerns are resolved efficiently and quickly without interrupting much of your company’s functions.

Get external IT support services through a help desk that gives you peace of mind and 24/7 access to experts. With a team of qualified professionals on hand, expandFORCE provides access to our 24×7 Support Desk Services 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Help Desk Services are critical components for efficient IT operations, and it is important to report accurately and efficiently process the end-user service requests. We are not leaving it to chance.

multifunctional features offered. NET.Service Desks support consumers with technical problems such as operating system installation and network connections, software installation, password resetting, and other tasks. Corporations in the finance and banking industry can benefit online banking customers and invest in the help desk. When choosing expandFORCE, you are prioritizing growth and convenience over everything else. This means you will create a difference within your organization by tapping on the expert resources and keeping yourself ahead of the business’s rest.

Higher Flexibility

The most significant advantage is undoubtedly the increased versatility of your help desk operation. If the helpdesk professionals are in New York and California customers have IT problems by the end of their working day, how can they get the assistance they need? This three-hour time difference will leave your customer in need in California cold at 4 pm since your professionals are all gone for the day at 7 pm. But when you opt for epandFORCE, you are keeping your business available 24/7. All thanks to our team that works from three different locations to ensure your round-the-clock business support.

Cloudshoring to the expandFORCE makes your location independent as well since you need not worry about the business’ physical presence for customers. The 24/7, 365 days service desk availability would mean even if it’s a holiday, we’ve got your back. 

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Opt for the dynamic consulting team at expandFORCE, who will provide proactive maintenance and surveillance services to detect and avoid issues before they occur. Hardware requiring continuous attention can be tracked to ensure its continued smooth operation. In the future, routine preventive treatment will pay dividends as it plays a crucial role in preventing problems.

Our certified engineers help identify possible areas of concern that need to be tackled. The issue tracking at the help desk and our monitoring services can proactively ensure that repeated interruptions do not occur.

Quick Support

Even fundamental technological problems can easily paralyze your company without adequate help. The helpdesk services by expandFORCE ensure your business much-needed robust assistance. Our team is ready to provide bilingual assistance for any IT-related problems as per the required time zones.

You will achieve peace of mind, knowing that our service department analyses the importance and effect of each technological problem that occurs on your company and prioritize it most critically. 

Quality Assistance

Help desks can help improve the quality of products or services of a company. When consumers contact a service desk, specialists typically complete the contact descriptive issue reports. Companies may use software to monitor and analyze these reports from start to end. To incorporate changes, designers should revisit these issue reports. If several customers call with the same problem, the help desk can notify quality control and senior management to solve the problem quickly.

Reduced Costs

Cloudshoring your support desk to expandFORCE would lead to plummeting your company expenses. An in-house support desk operation demands higher costs as your team of professionals must purchase, maintain, and repair all telephone systems and computer support equipment.

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Your Human Resources department will need to bear responsibility for tasks like promotions, recruitment, training, and monitoring of all employees’ success in the help desk support team. You remove these pressures from your IT and HR departments while also enabling more specialized helpdesk services and saving money simultaneously.

Comprehensive Support​

Whatever type of support you want, from comprehensive IT support solutions to onsite resolution and even preventive systems maintenance and monitoring, our trusted team has the tools and resources to maintain your IT environment’s efficiency.

When you use our helpdesk services for your company, you can access trained technicians who are entirely qualified to solve your problems. Many skilled desk suppliers have sophisticated computer technology to solve problems remotely. This allows the team of experts to fix problems by remote access quickly. Your customer’s issues are solved more rapidly and with less stress.

It has been over a decade since we began delivering outsourced help desk solutions. Contact us today and address your helpdesk woes smartly.

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