5 Superpowers to Strengthen Your Service Desk

Service desk managers are constantly being asked to do more with less — assisting increasingly demanding end customers and promoting their organization’s digital transformation efforts. Many managers here understand the frustrations associated with failed service level agreements (SLAs), emotional problems, a lack of visibility, and a desire to spend more time on innovation. So, what can you do in the coming year to assist your business in overcoming this upheaval and genuinely moving forward? The answer lies in leveraging the global IT service desk support. 

Here are the 5 superpowers of the IT helpdesk to help achieve maximum success.

Superpower #1: Have a Cohesive, 360-degree vision – The power to see in all directions at once. 

According to data scientists, IT administrators spend 85% of their time resolving tickets. Having visibility into all operations from a single app enables you to simplify incident and request management and handle issues more quickly. Additionally, the global IT service desk endows you with the power of wisdom. Consider the benefits of having all necessary data at your fingertips to assist you in determining the root cause of each incident. Additionally, you can shut the loop much faster if you have everything in one location — the ticket. Therefore, opting for the best service desk contributes to a highly productive, intuitive, and increasingly effective that decreases mean time to repair (MTTR). 

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Superpower #2: Superspeed – The ability to move at speed beyond the normal human capacity. 

These days, the focus is on quickness, so how can you accomplish that goal other than with super speed? Service desk agents will benefit from built-in automation tools to relieve themselves of repetitive and manual duties. Reducing response time to resolve problems, enhancing customer experience, and increasing overall happiness is essential to ensure your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met. 

We can see that service desk employees believe automation and AI are both significant advancements in 2019, as revealed in a View from the Frontline 2019 report. The total percentage of service desk professionals’ priorities on automation and AI went from 6% in 2017 to 43% in the most recent update as a part of the global IT service desk. In an on-demand environment, clients need speedy resolutions. 

Superpower #3. Improve your Self-Service Portal 

Employee concerns decrease, and employee satisfaction increases when the services you offer are transparent, and employees may obtain assistance when and how they need it. 

A simple service catalog is an appropriate location for consumers to order the gear and services they require without spending valuable time on the phone with the help desk. A self-service portal enables employees to obtain the information they need without requiring the assistance of a help desk agent. 

By limiting the number of calls or emails received by the help desk, personnel may remain current with incoming requests without falling behind. 

Superpower #4. Map out your customer journeys 

Make sure your consumers have a wonderful experience by directly taking on the occasion. Work step-by-step to map out all the client interactions and make sure that every point of contact that offers impeccable customer care. It is also required to report the call’s resolution to the call evaluation. Here is our step-by-step instruction for you to follow. 

There are other points along the route where you might surprise your customers, so try to think of others. Issues in the customer journey that stick out can improve the global IT service desk customer experience and improve customer satisfaction. 

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Superpower #5. Make your KPIs easier and customer-focused 

Are you generating a flood of reports to ensure that your performance is on track? Put an immediate halt to that by opting for IT service desk automation. 

Of course, measurements must be tracked, and KPIs are required. However, we observe far too frequently that reports take precedence over results. It is far preferable to have eight pieces that you often use to have many accounts that you never use. It saves you time by allowing you to concentrate on developing a superior customer experience rather than examining every facet of the one you now provide. 

To keep your reporting as basic as possible, ensure that the global IT service desk is outcome-driven and possibly even project-driven. If you’re considering deploying self-service, for instance, your go-to reports must be straightforward and concise. How many users are logged into the portal? Which articles are the most popular? If you need to perform a deep dive to tackle a specific problem, go ahead, but avoid doing so unless you must! More information on streamlining your reporting may be found here. 

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