How to Create Value-Based Metrics for Your IT Service Desk

Several trends are currently impacting IT service management (ITSM) and the IT service desk. As many business discussions are shifting away from expense to value, it can be challenging to determine what value is and calculate and report it effectively. 

Some may see this as a reincarnation of the focus on “IT-to-business alignment,” which has been often quoted but seldom discussed publicly in the last decade for hiring IT service desk providers. There are parallels, except this time, IT must demonstrate accurate results or risk losing significance. It is a difficult nut to crack – beginning with determining what meaning is. 

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So, why is it crucial to hire an IT service desk to provide? If you try to answer this question, you will certainly repeat the same choices that we have always made about our goals and our IT help approach. 

Becoming what you measure 

If we put Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) aside for a moment, the primary emphasis should be on “how many” and “how fast.” These metrics are more concerned with IT’s mechanics than with the IT service desk’s value. Then again, your CSAT calculation’s actual value is uncertain – from the limited sample size to the questions posed (which are almost definitely mechanics-related) to the respondent profile (from the angry thought to the ecstatic). 

Additionally, given ITIL 4’s emphasis on collaborative value development, the upcoming wave of ITIL 4 publications will guide value assessment based on industry great successes to the businesses equipped with IT service desk providers. However, this will not be a free service. If it does, that is awesome (though it will always be a case of adopting and adapting). If not, we are back to the point of having to make something – which is probably the best solution anyway. 

Understanding what the stakeholders value the most 

This is also why it is so challenging. Different market stakeholders will place different importance on various products, which can change over time. For others, these may be more visible facets of the industry, such as sales and profit margins or risk mitigation. However, it is likely to be something more, and for measuring reasons, it is essential to be precise and verifiable. This will include reverse engineering from a desirable market outcome to IT, and IT impacts the desired outcome, leveraging the IT service desk. 

Although such metrics are excellent for directing IT support toward what is essential to and appreciated by the parent company, there is also a need to concentrate on what is important to various stakeholders. For instance, workers may place a premium on quickly resuming productive work. 

Not assuming the stakeholders’ values without a piece of thorough knowledge. 

Bear in mind, however, that not all stakeholders are going to have the same meaning of the word “value.” More significantly, however, they must be asked at the point at which value-based metric formation begins. So, institute a schedule of discussions about how IT support currently occurs and how it should strengthen CX (customer experience). Design and settle on IT support to support processes and metrics that your organization now has to help your IT service desk infrastructure. 

It is an excellent time to examine the IT support portfolio’s status and examine which KPIs stakeholders are essential before hiring an IT service desk. It can take various amounts of time to fix things with the same criticality in different company areas. It may be estimated that your current IT support metrics would be a surprise to your various business partners but maybe a little annoying to you as well. 

Blending the traditional IT support metrics for growth measurement and reporting 

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Although there will be opportunities to develop new organization-specific value indicators, you cannot ignore the status quo. And while some metrics do not appeal to shareholders when presented in isolation, specific pairings may (again, do not guess here – ask them). 

For instance, a decrease in the average handling cost per ticket can be viewed negatively as a sign that the IT service desk is reducing costs at the expense of business activities. This could be construed as suboptimal actions with the IT service desk. Whereas a decrease in the average handling cost per ticket combined with an increase in CSAT, or employee experience, scores paint a somewhat different picture of the importance of an IT service desk. 

Finally, such metric pairings would be contingent upon having the appropriate discussions with the appropriate people about how the IT service desk generates and sometimes kills value for various business teams. Integrating economic worth is difficult. But it is crucial, mainly if your technical support department is considered essential, especially if your company needs to keep up with the times. Progress with price demonstration? Please help others by sharing your ideas below. 

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